2016 Acura Coupe

The new Acura NSX car from the Japanese producer is the special model. There was the first car of this model range twenty five years ago. Then the automobile shook the world. It was absolutely new sports car. From those times sports coupe underwent many changes. For fifteen years there aren’t being any new modifications of this model range. The second generation of these cars started being let out in 2012. But it was not so incredible. And that’s why there will be new Acura NSX Coupe in 2016. This automobile makes people be more confident and surpassing other drivers.
2016 Acura Coupe Exterior front


As well as it is peculiar to a sport car, a 2016 Acura Coupe makes 121,4 cm at height, 447 cm at length and 195 cm at width. Such dimensions provide increased stability of the car at high speeds and maneuverability on turn. In addition to it the car is very light because there are a lot of carbon fabrics in the structure. The main emphases of this car appearance are placed on sharp angles and a good air shape of the body to give it physicality and dynamism. The front bumper in the V-shape is supplemented by the massive front grille. LED running daytime lights are long and narrow, as Samurai’s swords. There are accessory openings on each side of the car. Forward wheels are less than backward, so the car is extremely fast-speed and persistent.
2016 Acura Coupe Exterior back


Inside the salon is made of a genuine leather of two flowers and high quality leatherette. Panels are combined with the polished aluminum in the form of wings of a bird. The steering wheel is made in sports manner. The ordinary dashboard was replaced by the color display. On the central console the touch screen is located from which it is possible to operate not only multimedia system, but also a security system. Also, there are buttons of the power unit start and switching of the transmission modes. Now there is everything that is necessary for the driver for comfortable and sure driving.
2016 Acura Coupe Interior

Technical Characteristics

The hybrid car has a capacity of 550 horsepower. In final system there is a valve which allows regulating the loudness of exhaust pipes. The powerful hybrid engine is supported by the 9-band robotized transmission with technology of double coupling. Besides, all this is accompanied by full drive technology with draft degree change technology. The upgraded sports car will give out improbable speeds on the road, leaving thus the driver in safety.

12 Photos of the 2016 Acura Coupe

2016 Acura Coupe Exterior front2016 Acura Coupe Interior2016 Acura Coupe Exterior back2016 Acura Coupe

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