2016 Acura TL – More Comfortable Than Previous

The one of the most elegant sedans is Acura TL. It was created on Honda Accord platform therefore TL has a lot of similar with Accord. And 2016 Acura TL has incredibly grace and modern look. Appearance is refreshed and restyled, interior and engine are renewed, too. The new car is fuel-efficient vehicle, because it has less weight. There are also a lot of other changes that will make car users to choose specially this sedan.

2016 Acura TL front

Exterior Description

2016 Acura TL is stylish and fancy car. As it was already mentioned, the automobile is made of lighter materials than the previous model. So the car is speedier and more economic. LED daytime running headlights are also renewed. They have the shape of narrow panther eyes. Cocked edgings add this glance more cunning and predatory look. Refreshed radiator grille has expanded V-shape. It looks more modern with chrome strips. Tail lights are also restyled. Streamlined car body shows that the car is incredibly speedy and stable.

2016 Acura TL back

Interior Description

It is the automobile with elevated level of comfort. Inside is made of high-quality materials and harmonically. Also, the cabin is more spacious and convenient. Leather seats are made in a way of comfort there are enough space for legs. Passengers will be able to enjoy travelling by 2016 Acura TL. Heating and air-conditioning, automatic climate control systems provide perfect temperature in any conditions in the car on the road. A lot of interfaced technologies are equipped in this automobile. Among them there are modern multimedia, GPS navigation, updated safety and traction control systems. The central console is also changed there is big touch screen.

2016 Acura TL interior

Technical Characteristics

There is informal information about the new Acura TL. By rumors it will be hybrid vehicle. But the automobile is going to have incredible performance. Its engine will be able to generate 370 horsepower. The engine will have displacement of 3.5 l. It will be combined with overcharged electric motor. This one will help the car to have 290 horsepower. It will be supported by 7-speed automatic transmission with dual clutch.

Price and Launch Date

As for prices of the new TL, it is expected to be around $43000. For the such incredible automobile it is very suitable price. On the car markets the car will come out in the beginning of 2016. But firstly it is going to appear only in North America.

23 Photos of the 2016 Acura TL – More Comfortable Than Previous

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