2016 BMW M8 – A Long-Awaited Legendary Car

Recently, rumors have become even more intense as for a new BMW “supercar” that is going to see the world in a year – just in time for the German company’s 100th jubilee. A name of the 2016 BMW M8 line produced since 1989 was the M1 previously, but it has been renamed lately as the car will have some common features with one more upcoming model – BMW i8.

Design Refinement

The large car weight was a great obstacle, so the automaker decided to use only the lightweight materials to reduce it significantly. It will have some features of a retro design and built on the basis of the i8 platform. Its racing shape and sleek lines will provide great aerodynamic rates. The exterior design elements will be definitely the “BMW-like” ones. Experts suppose that it will feature a long and wide hood with large air intakes for providing the engine cooling. Due to the narrow and prolonged headlights with a new laser light technology, the model will have an aggressive, sports, and very stylish look. The rear side will be equipped with a spoiler.

Inside the cabin we will see a great combination of a top-quality leather and carbon fiber. All the newest technologies are to be implemented in the car for providing the best driving experience. It is not a family car with only two seats offered. But they are very flexible and extremely comfortable.

2016 BMW M8 Interior


The powertrain of the model will consist of a V8 4.4L TwinPower Turbo engine that makes about 600-650 horsepower and an 8/9-speed automatic gearbox. It also can get 62 mph just in 3 seconds with the maximum speed limited by the 200 mph point. 2016 BMW M8 will feature a rear-wheel drive and a start-stop system that helps economize fuel (it will take only 24 mpg on the highway). Though, according to another opinion, the car will be a hybrid one with an electric motor and a 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely.

2016 BMW M8 Rear

Release and Price

The M8 project has been delayed several times, so, let’s hope it will work out now. It’s the car of the luxury class, so do not expect it to be cheap and affordable for everyone. M8 may even be a limited-edition model. We guess that 2016 BMW M8 will hit the stage some time in the following year with the pricing policy that is approximately $200,000 – 300,000 for the basic variant only. However, it’s too soon to speak about the figures. The car will compete mainly with several models such as Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

11 Photos of the 2016 BMW M8 – A Long-Awaited Legendary Car

2016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M82016 BMW M8 Rear2016 BMW M8 Interior2016 BMW M8 Front

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