2016 BMW X3 changes

One of the most popular and luxurious car producers in the world – BMW – is preparing for the release its new child – changes of which will be described further. The previous versions of BMW X3 were extremely popular with drivers and attracted a lot of interest. We hope that now the situation will be just better and producers will make everything to reach as much attention as possible. The car has bossy look, good characteristics and perfect design. The owner of such car shows his status when driving it, and makes other want this car too. So, let’s observe the new model and decide, which changes and improvements has been made in comparison to the previous generations.

2016 BMW X3 changes

2016 BMW X3 look

The type of the car is a crossover, which is rather huge and weighty. The first version of the model was presented five years ago. Though people loved the car and bought it very well, the producers decided to improve it and add some changes, which will make the model better. The company does not want to make something extraordinary, so that the changes are not seen so much, but felt during the driving. So, the effectiveness of the car will rise, the producer will get happy clients and people will feel themselves more comfortable inside.

Engine and other specs of the car

2016 BMW X3 interior

All producers, when changing something in their vehicles, first of all, try to improve details, which are situated under the hood of the car. The same situation is expected here with BMW X3. It is possible that the car will be equipped with the two engines of 2 and 3 liters, which will work with diesel fuel. Now with all the improvement the car will be able to reach speed of 100 kilometers in less than 8 seconds.
Moving to the other vehicle differences from the latest model, they are likely to be few. The producer will just make the car look more stylish, but will not make huge improvements in the appearance. The bumper will be new together with fascia. Inside the car will be made more comfortable and with more equipment, like condition and heating, radio and TV and so on. With its help, the driver and passengers will feel more comfortable inside.

Date of release and possible price

2016 BMW X3 side
Well, what concerns the release date, it is unknown, but producers promise to name the concrete day soon, so we hope that we will see the release by the next year. The price will begin from $40.000, but concrete numbers will also be set later, when people will be able to see the 2016 BMW X3 changes with their own eyes.

20 Photos of the 2016 BMW X3 changes

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