2016 Buick GNX

In the 1980s, when General Motors was enjoying its golden time, the GNX found a ready market as a powerful and convenient modification of the Buick Regal Grand National. Being a car legend, this model, of course, is worth to wait for. So, it’s no surprise that GM is going to renew this great car one more time. Taking into account of the success of the Regal and the Verano, the new Grand National GNX is expected to be no less popular vehicle on contemporary market.

Exterior and interior

2016 Buick Grand National will be built on the same Alpha platform as Chevy Camaro or Cadillac ATS. Comparing to the previous version the exterior design of the new GNX will considerably be changed. According to some sources, it may look less sporty representing GM’s new concept of the car of the future. The upcoming model will probably be transformed into a sedan. Though coupe versions of Grand National will also be available including some sport luxury trims of the GNX. Having a rather aggressive appearance the 2016 Buick GNX will be an example of real elegance with even lines improving its aerodynamics. The car’s distinctive features are a stylish grill and headlights which, in spite of their relatively small size, will have excellent functionality. As far as the interior, the new GNX will provide cutting-edge technologies including infotainment system, LCD screen, rear view cameras, navigation system, cruise control, parking assist system and much more.

2016 Buick GNX interior


Although the precise powertrain for the 2016 Buick GNX is not known yet, with actual information it is possible to name three potential engines which could be installed under its hood. The minor power unit is a 2.0-liter V4 LTG engine with a turbocharger. It is capable to generate up to 250 hp and 400 N-m of torque. The second option is a 3.6-liter inline-six LFX engine delivering over 300 hp and 358 N-m of torque. And finally, the most powerful engine producing 410 hp with 500 N-m of torque is a 3.6-liter turbocharged V6 LF3.

For the most part the 2016 Buick GNX will have rear-wheel-drive. However it may optionally be equipped with all-wheel-drive. Reportedly for the powertrain the new sedan will keep the previous model’s transmission. That is 6-speed HydroMatic automatic as a standard, while a manual transmission will be available as an option.

2016 Buick GNX

Release and price

The 2016 Buick Grand National is expected in early 2016. But a delay of the release could not be ruled out. Supposed price for the new GNX can vary between $30,000 and $45,000.

10 Photos of the 2016 Buick GNX

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