2016 Buick Lacrosse: Spy Shots Reveals the Concept

More elaborate and vivid appearance of new 2016 Buick Lacrosse is expected on the car market to impress its fans and admirers with larger size and enhanced productivity. The old image has been sufficiently modernized in order to keep in touch with leaders of the automobile trade.

Spied Appearance

The hiding camouflage plays its role and covers plenty of details from our view. Still, we have seen a lot and can tell more surely what to expect from new flagship by Buick. Like we can see the aggressively broad waterfall grill sided by two modern distinctive lines of headlights. Muscular back fenders are followed by the short end with cut-sixed truck. Hood is also short and quite compact. Glass roof allows some panoramic view and adds courtliness to the general appearance of Lacrosse. Bold-lined windows are made to add some confidence. The arched body can ensure better aerodynamics. A slight crease along its lower is preserved in this model as well being a distinctive feature of the Buick Company. Fresh look is provided by more slender and sleeker design.

2016 Buick Lacrosse

The salon is enhanced to reach the so-popular today luxury impression. Usage of leather upholstery, modern gadgets, and innovative driving techniques, – everything here serves the concept of creating expensive polished attraction.

Platform & Engine Specs

Rumors prove new Lacrosse will be assembled on the base of the Epsolon platform used for Chevrolet Impala. Touching wheel-drive we should not but mention the Holden Commodore frame. Maybe new car will attain the replaced front-wheel drive with the rear one.

We can hardly say a word about engine as it is still unknown what type it will be. The company promised to announce its type and specification in the nearest future. So we can only guess by now. Still we can contemplate that such a premium car should get a powerful motor. Presumably it will be V6 of 3.6 liter mileage capable of over 300 horsepower; though it may be improved to 4-cylender turbocharged motor.

Standard complication will go with front-wheel drive, but we also expect the whole wheel drive as a variation. Alongside with Ford Buick has developed modern nine-speed transmission, and we presume the new Lacrosse will adopt the latter one.

2016 Buick Lacrosse

Date of Release and Price

The debut is expected in 2016, probably in the end of the current year. The company promised a wider color scheme. The selling will most likely start with $ 35,000 for the simple equipment and higher for the advanced.

12 Photos of the 2016 Buick Lacrosse: Spy Shots Reveals the Concept

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