2016 Cadillac Crossover XT5 Is Extremely Spacious

The new Cadillac model of crossover based on SRX is coming soon. It is named XT5. It is going to be luxury 2016 Cadillac crossover. The automobile combines in itself all the best particularities of SUV cars and graceful style. There is going to be absolutely new generation of XT model range. XT5 is the first representative of it.

Exterior Description

The exterior is made in modern laconic and aerodynamic style. The car has special big radiator grille. In the combination with typical Cadillac’s vertical LED running daytime headlights it creates the imagination of aggressive, confident and elegant vehicle. The car body has big dimensions, like SRX. But there is sloping top sight. The car body is based on the shorter platform Chi and made of light but strong materials. Therefore the automobile becomes lighter and more maneuverable.There are two exhaust pipes under the rear bumper. It proves, of course, that the car is incredibly power.2016 Cadillac Crossover back

Interior Description

2016 Cadillac crossover XT5 is extremely spacious. There is a lot of space for enjoyable raveling for five adult persons. The car has incredible trunk volume. Despite of compact appearance the automobile is wonderfully commodious. XT5 is luxury car, so all the materials inside are of high quality. There are only genuine leather, premium plastic and aluminum. It provides convenient driving. Inside is made in modern laconic style, too. It only proves the premier class of the car. Also, the car is equipped with all interfaced technologies. There aresuper cruise control, semi-independent driving special Cadillac and modernized multimedia systems. Moreover, it supports connection with satellite radio. And in addition there is multifunctional steering wheel. It allows a driver to keep his mind on the driving while switch the music, radio or conditioning.2016 Cadillac Crossover interior

Technical Characteristics

It is expected that the 2016 Cadillac crossover XT5 will have 2.7 l V6 turbo engine. It will be supported by 9-speed auto transmission. The power of the car is going to be about 265 horsepower. Also, there will be another variant of new XT5 model. This one will have 3.6 l V6 naturally aspirated engine. It is more powerful and is able to generate 335 HP. The model is going to be launched in early 2016. As for price of this car, there are no exact numbers, but it is known that it will be about $38000.

8 Photos of the 2016 Cadillac Crossover XT5 Is Extremely Spacious

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