2016 Chevrolet Express New Cargobull

Chevrolet designers created the new van. It is comfortable and perfect for travelling. Its name is 2016 Chevrolet Express. It embodies all that is needed for big families or companies who wish to drive and carry cargo in comfort. Also, the van has attractive appearance and is made in modern style.

Exterior Description

The compact van is made on the Nissan B platform. It has two passenger’s doors and two sliding doors on both sides. It allows people to get in without any troubles and without impinging their heads on hangovers. At the rear part of the car body there is the double door 40/60. It is opened through 180 and 90 degrees. The front part looks aggressive and confident. The impression is created by predatory daytime running headlights, large black radiator grille and air vents. The hood is really compact and muscular, so, the van doesn’t look bulky.

Interior Description

2016 Chevrolet Express is made for two passengers. Therefore, the inside is spacious enough for two adult persons. Also, seats are extremely comfortable and soft for enjoyable travelling. The cabin and luggage are made of high-quality materials. All details are made in good way to make the interior better than it can be. The central console is located at hand despite of the big space inside and has 5.8-inch touch screen. So, a driver can switch the music or conditioning system to the touch. Also, there is multifunctional steering wheel. He can keep his mind on the road and adjust suitable conditions in the cabin as he wants at the same time. The luggage tank is also really spacious and strong. It is able to contain around 122.7 ft3 and 1500 lbs of cargo.

2016 Chevrolet Express Interior Front

Technical Characteristics

As for technics, the van can compete with other manufacturers vans. It has front-wheel drive as it is needed for big cars. Under the compact hood of Express there is 1.0 l 4-cylinder engine supported with CVT automatic transmission. This engine can generate 131 HP and 188 Nm of torque. It is good enough for vans and suits to city and road conditions. Despite of big dimensions, the van has fuel efficiency. The consumption is 24 mpg. In addition, it can accelerate to 60 mph in 9.8 seconds.

2016 Chevrolet Express Interior Back

Price and Launch Date

There are a lot of rumors about 2016 Chevrolet Express, but according to formal sources, the van will come out in November, 2015. The automobile is safety and reliable, but the price is not so high. It will be around $22000.

7 Photos of the 2016 Chevrolet Express New Cargobull

2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express2016 Chevrolet Express

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  1. Simay Atham says:

    The car looks pretty decent and qualitatively stands out among other Vans. If I was looking for such a big car, it just would have noticed this new Chevrolet Express.

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