2016 Chrysler 700c

Introduced at the Detroit Auto Show couple of years ago, this Chrysler’s concept attracted much attention making the public wonder with its unusual look and curvaceous outlines. According to the company’s representatives, the 700c is the embodiment of Chrysler’s ideas about future minivans. In fact, this concept has already influenced on the design of the new Chrysler Town and Country model. Presenting this car the automaker aimed to awaken the interest of the general public and potential buyers. Soon Chrysler will release a new version of this minivan. The 2016 Chrysler 700c is expected to take the top positions on the market in its segment.

Exterior and interior design

In the design of the 700c Chrysler has considerably stepped aside from their conservative style. The car has undoubtedly got European traits, mostly from the French car industry. Its distinctive design elements are a large front window evenly passing into the roof, a swoopy hood, a stylish front fascia with narrow LED headlights and wide air intakes. In addition, the lighting system of the 2016 Chrysler 700c has received new day time lamps. Another part of the minivan’s design which is worth to be mentioned is the side windows. Their curvy lines give the car an uncommon futuristic look.

2016 Chrysler 700c side view

The interior of the renewed 700c can also affect you with its elegance and stylishness. The spacious cabin will provide enough place for seven adult passengers. Furthermore, the car will also offer sufficient space for the luggage, which can even be increased thanks to the folding seats of the third row. To the point, the doors will have storage spaces as well. Inside, quality upholstery combines with technological innovations. The central console will somewhat resemble that of the 200 model. The technical set will include a touch screen, multimedia system, GPS navigation, climate control and others.

2016 Chrysler 700c

Technical specifications

Although there is no reliable confirming about the powertrain, it is possible to assume that for the 2016 Chrysler 700c the developers can offer a 3.6 inline-six engine of advanced effectiveness. With such a motor the car will get approximately 280 hp and over 350 N-m of torque. Most probably, this power unit will be matched with a nine-speed continuous variable transmission. This equipment will give to the minivan good fuel economy rated on average at 21 mpg.

11 Photos of the 2016 Chrysler 700c

2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c2016 Chrysler 700c side view

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