2016 Chrysler Aspen – A Concept of Luxury

Since 2007 a full-size Chrysler-made SUV called Aspen has been successfully present on the automobile market. It borrowed its name from Dodge Durango as the Dodge Company used the name “Aspen” for four years (1976-1980). And this is everything in common for these two cars. Nowadays, there appeared information about 2016 Chrysler Aspen relaunching in the next year. The rumors are very poor, though they say that a lot of the previous models’ weak sides will be improved in the upcoming version of the automobile.

Engine Characteristics

The first of them is definitely the engine. The current model offers 2 options – a V8 4.7L and a V8 5.7L engines with 235 and 335 horsepower respectively. The updated engine is supposed to be a 2L V8 one that, aside from being fuel-friendly, will also show better performance. There will be produced a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel driving system. The accurate transmission information isn’t known, so no one knows whether is will remain the same old 5-speed one or will be changed for something else.

Exterior and Interior

One more problem has lied in the great total weight of the car that caused high fuel consumption. The newest model is expected to be made of more lightweight materials that will hopefully help reduce these unpleasant phenomena as well as make it more maneuverable and responsive. As for some exterior design features, we know almost for sure that we’ll see a redesigned grille, head- and taillights. Its general appearance will be not so much aggressive as Durango’s one with rather smoothed lines and great aerodynamics.

2016 Chrysler Aspen Interior

The concept of 2016 Chrysler Aspen is interesting for large families mainly. This vehicle may accommodate eight adults with comfort on the seats arranged in three rows; the last row may be folded for arranging up to 68 cubic feet of luggage space. General interior styling concept will be of a retro car, or rather a peculiar mix of old (wooden details) and new (LCD touchscreen display, advanced navigation and safety systems, and powerful stereo etc.) features.

2016 Chrysler Aspen Rear

Release Time

2016 Chrysler Aspen will probably hit the world car market in the Q1 of 2016 competing with Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder mainly. However, there exist some chances to see it earlier – in winter of the current year. Price speculation about the budget is very difficult at the moment. It’s expected to be approximately slightly pricier than the existing model.

10 Photos of the 2016 Chrysler Aspen – A Concept of Luxury

2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen2016 Chrysler Aspen Rear2016 Chrysler Aspen Interior2016 Chrysler Aspen Front

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