2016 Dodge Avenger: News and Specs

The new car models are produced every year and many of them become more popular than their predecessors. It is understandable, because engineers try to improve their vehicles all the time and make new modern features and details. This year public is waiting for new 2016 Dodge Avenger, which must be well refreshed. The last model has been presented several years ago, so it will be interesting to see, what has changed this time and what became better. Let’s overview the changes and differences of the new car, speak about the release, prices and most common questions.

2016 Dodge Avenger

The main differences

So, what is planned to be mostly changed is the exterior of the vehicle. As it is waited, we will see the new modernized cabin, which is deferent from the previous one. It will have though some similarities with some new modelsĀ of Chrysler and others. All in all, the car will look really bigger, more bossy, so to say. Also a big work would be done upon the space inside of it. Now it will be bigger so that more people can ride in it and a lot of things could be stored there during the long rides.
The car 2016 Dodge Avenger will look brutal and powerful, so many customers should like the new design. Some details also will be added, like black grid, which looks really stylish. Inside the car will be certainly equipped with a lot of gadgets, which will provide comfortable ride for short and long distances and both driver and passenger will feel comfortable.

New Specs

2016 Dodge Avenger Blacktop Edition

The new model will be the sedan of mid-class. It is not too big but at the same time is not very compact. So, those who like average cars, will enjoy this new model for sure. The car will be equipped with standard engine, so it has normal usual power, which will be good for usual everyday life. but modern equipment will provide regular checking of the engine and other systems, which will help you to save the life of them for longer time.

Release and price

All in all the new 2016 Dodge Avenger must be really good selling due to the new design and options. It combines some standard details together with luxury and brutality. It is a perfect choice for everyday usage for yourself or a family.
We will hope that the release date will be known soon, because by now there are only rumors around and no one knows the concrete date. Possibly the car will be presented in the end of the coming year. Also according to the valid information the price will be around $20.000.

10 Photos of the 2016 Dodge Avenger: News and Specs

2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger2016 Dodge Avenger

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