Fast And Attractive Dodge Stealth 2016

The car that has incredibly futuristic look is Dodge Stealth 2016 . Everybody knows this muscle automobile since 1991. Then it was like a dream. It was extremely popular among car lovers. And the new model is coming soon. It has another appearance but very similar to old previous automobiles of this model range. The new Stealth embodies all the best features of sports cars.
2016 Dodge Stealth front

Exterior Description

As it has already been mentioned, the car has futuristic appearance. The car body is in elegant shape with soft and sharp lines. It looks rather streamlined, speedy and stylish. And it continues attracting people by its charming and luxurious muscles. 2016 Dodge Stealth has beautiful double daytime running headlights with LED framing. Low air-vents under the front bumper have also LED framing. In the darkness it is easy to recognize Stealth by these elements. Tail lights have extraordinary J-shape in specular reflection. The automobile is unique and it differs from other sports cars.
2016 Dodge Stealth back

Interior Description

Appearance of the car is really expressive, but the inside is not less attractive. Everything is made in modern laconic style. There are not so many spaces, but it is enough for muscle car. The driver seat is incredibly comfortable and adjustable; the steering wheel is multifunctional and located in convenient way. All buttons are at hand and made in modern way. There are a lot of modern technologies, such as multimedia, navigator and other interfaced systems. Also, the automobile is safety, so it has renewed safety system. People will enjoy travelling by this luxurious automobile.
2016 Dodge Stealth interior

Technical Characteristics

Stealth is already known as extremely powerful sports car. It can be explained by the V6 engine that is going to be in 2016 Dodge Stealth. Formally there isn’t any information about exact model of engine, but it is known, that it will be able to have high performance. As for previous models, they can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 sec. Engines of them can generate to 320 HP. However the new Stealth will be much better and speedier.

Price and Launch Date

The automobile is not only extremely attractive, but also incredibly powerful. These characteristics give it an opportunity to be the best sellers in 2016, when the newest car of the model range will come out. Taking into account that the car belongs to the luxury, it is expected that the price will be around $30000.

4 Photos of the Fast And Attractive Dodge Stealth 2016

Dodge Stealth 2016Dodge Stealth 2016Dodge Stealth 2016Dodge Stealth 2016

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