2016 Ferrari Spider – Where Dreams Come True

Nowadays, a supermodel called 2016 Ferrari Spider is literary one of the most desirable vehicles at the car market. First shown in March at the Geneva Motor Show it made our hearts beat faster. An astonishing look together with a super power and high speed may transform an ordinary driving process into the unbelievable feelings and emotions. And you’ll get to know why further.

Technical Characteristics

Under the hood of the hybrid Spider one may find a 6.3L V12 engine of 800 horsepower with an electric 163 hp motor paired with a seven-speed gearbox. In general, we’ll have 963 hp and 663 lb-ft torque rates. These specifications let the car to reach 100 mph in 3 seconds. It is especially easy to do with the significantly reduced weight due to the aluminum, carbon-fiber and carbon-nano-composite materials used for the model’s designing. Direct injection technology helps economize fuel consumption that is especially important for such a powerful vehicle.

2016 Ferrari Spider Interior

Exterior and Interior Look

The car will have a very futuristic, masculine and somewhat aggressive but really awesome look. Its body shape consists of smoothing lines that provide the most perfect aerodynamic rates. 2016 Ferrari Spider has a retractable roof that opens/closes in 14 seconds. Its LED headlights will remain the same (vertical-oriented and narrow), but the air intakes will become even larger.

The cabin designed in black and red colors is equipped with all-new technologies within automobile’s infotainment system that consists of a navigator, stability control, rear camera, powerful stereo audio system, Bluetooth connection etc. Spider is a sports car, so it is logical to wait only for 2 people accommodation that will be very comfortable (because of the premium-quality upholstery) and roomy.

2016 Ferrari Spider Side

Release Time and Price

As for the exact date of the renewed model’s release, it is still unknown. However, the last rumors suggest it to be the first part of the following year. Unfortunately for some customers, 2016 Ferrari Spider will definitely cost very high doubling the 2015 model price (do not be surprised to see the sum of $3.4 million), though such a luxury car does worth every cent paid for it due to the premium-class materials used for its production and high rates of powertrain. Moreover, there will be only a very limited number of cars released (presumably, 50 of them). The model will make a competition with Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Spider, Lamborghini Veneno and McLaren P1.

10 Photos of the 2016 Ferrari Spider – Where Dreams Come True

2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider2016 Ferrari Spider Front2016 Ferrari Spider Side2016 Ferrari Spider Interior

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