2016 Ford Mondeo – New Technologies And New Design

The one of the most popular models in all over the world of Ford Motors is Mondeo. The first representative of the model range appeared in 1992. Since then it was bestseller several times. There were four generations of this range. The first car of the fourth gen was launched in 2008. And in 2016 Ford Mondeo will be represented as the fifth generation. The new model has many changes and differs from the previous one, but at the same time there are a lot of common things between cars of two generations.

2016 Ford Mondeo front

Exterior Description

Design of Mondeo is always modern independent from the times. The new model looks extremely stylish. Front part of a car body is refreshed. LED headlights have narrow forms which remain predatory glance of a wild animal. Front grille with horizontal bars looks laconic and elegant. LED rear lights are also narrow and have smooth framing of stop-lights. 2016 Ford Mondeo is based on CD3 Ford platform. Wheel base is 112.2 inches. And alloy wheels are 17-inch. The car is really stable and confidently drives on the road. Dimensions are the same as they were in the previous model, but the 2016 one is much easier. It is because of using light but strong materials.

2016 Ford Mondeo back

Interior Description

The cabin of 2016 Ford Mondeo is also made in modern laconic style. Matted wood strips on panels add elegance,solidity and grace to the interior. Also, there are such materials as aluminum, soft plastic and premium leather. Seats made of the last one are extremely comfortable. Steering wheel is also upholstered in soft leather and has a lot of functions. Dashboard has two displays. On the central console, there is 8-inch touch screen. It is equipped with renewed infotainment system QNX Blackberry. Moreover, to improve feeling during travelling designers establish automatic air-conditioning and updated heating systems.  Safety systems are also improved and rear seatbelts are realized in a great way. They reduce the risk of getting injured.

2016 Ford Mondeo interior

Technical Characteristics

The new Mondeo is equipped with 2.5 l i-VCT I-4 engine. But there will be other modifications. The one of them will have 1.5 l 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine. It is able to generate about 148 HP and 177lb-ft of torque. And the other one will be equipped with 2.0 l 4-cylinder TDI engine. This one is able to generate 148 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque. All of these are also supported by 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. 2016 Ford Mondeo will come out in early 2016 and the price for it will be around $27000.

7 Photos of the 2016 Ford Mondeo – New Technologies And New Design

2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo2016 Ford Mondeo

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