2016 Ford Thunderbird: A Legend of Classic Reborn

In the 50-60s a 2-door coupe was a classic variant of an automobile. Furthermore, drivers from various countries still prefer to use such type of a car. It may be proved by the fact that 11 generations of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird model have been produced already. So, in order to satisfy fans’ tastes, such a model will be released very soon with a minimum of profound changes but with a lot of necessary improvements that will make it highly competitive at the market. Unfortunately, only various speculations on these refreshments are in our disposal and no official announcements.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Side

Date of Release and Price

No one knows for sure how much 2016 Ford Thunderbird will cost as the car producer hasn’t published the official information yet. The renowned experts name very different figures. Though, the average sum starts from $30 thousand for the basic model and increases with additional options offered. We also do not know when exactly it will hit the market; however, they say that this very time will come at the end of the next year. The bravest assumptions point to the end of 2015.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Engine

Technical Characteristics and Engine Options

The luxury model’s engine is expected to be the same as in the current version of Thunderbird. Now it is a 4L V8 AJ-26 engine that is able to produce about 280 horsepower and somewhat 286 lb-ft torque. The power will be generated via a 5-speed automatic gearcase. Several more engine options are expected to be offered as well for drivers’ choice and convenience. If rumors are to be trusted, the general performance of the car will be an incredible one. Though, there is still no confirmation to all of these.

New Design Features

It is an elegant-looking automobile with an extended wheelbase for balance improving. The model exterior design imitates popular elegant cars of the 50s and 60s and makes it very attractive. The car’s enlarged grille will be equipped with two additional spoilers. There exist no photos of the renewed vehicle, so we can’t say for sure whether its general appearance has changed a lot.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Interior

The vehicle we are talking about is rather large, so it can provide a plenty of room for its two passengers and a lot of comfort with the leather-wrapped seats. Inside you will find a mixture of an old-looking styling and up-to-date gadgets and devices that make the whole driving process a real pleasure. Moreover, there exist rumors about special software produced for the 2016 Ford Thunderbird version only. Isn’t it great?

10 Photos of the 2016 Ford Thunderbird: A Legend of Classic Reborn

2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird2016 Ford Thunderbird Interior

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