2016 GMC 3500 – News and Rumors

There are plenty of different types of cars – from crossovers to SUVs and trucks, which appear every year. Producers of all marks of cars try to do their job as good as possible in order to get more clients and lovers of their cars. What just have they all ever done! Innovations are impressive all the time and it seems that there is nothing to invent more. But it is not so and they continue to make customers happy with their work more and more. As the example of a good work we can observe new 2016 GMC 3500 with plenty of novelties.

The style of new 2016 GMC 3500

2016 GMC 3500 inside

When you sit inside this huge truck, you understand what is style and comfort. Though spacy cars seem not to be attractive, with this vehicle you realize, that it is all not true. Materials, which are used inside the cabin for panes and seats, are pleasant, qualitative and beautiful. The body of the cabin and its details will get now new lines, which will make it look differently from the previous versions. With its look the truck will be suitable for any person – male or female, and for people of different social positons.
As you may already understand, the cabin is filled with plenty of gadgets and electronic devices due to the latest updates. You will have everything by your hand – chargers for your devices, TV and audio systems, conditioning and heating and many other pleasant things. Engineers and designers though about each person and tried to make your spending time inside the car with as few problems as it is only possible.

2016 GMC 3500

The engine has also been renovated and now the car preserves two new engines, powerful and productive. Though the car is very huge and it seems to need a lot of fuel, the function of fuel economy here is very high. Due to this point, 2016 GMC 3500 is better than a range of trucks of other producers in this line-up. If you are looking for a big car, but want to save money for fuel – this must be your choice.

New generation of trucks

2016 GMC 3500 back
So, new 2016 GMC 3500 promises to become one of greatest innovations on car market among newcomers this year. In the middle of the coming year – as we were told – customers will be ready to see the truck, try it and spend their money on this “dream”! It is worth using, or at least we hope so. The GMC team will present us new lines of the cabin outside and inside, show us all the possibilities of new engine, describe other important details, which we are willing to know. It will be available for about $60000.

16 Photos of the 2016 GMC 3500 – News and Rumors

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