2016 GMC Duramax – New Edition

A new model of Canyon’s pickup will be available in 2016 with new engine and updated functions. Trucks are always popular and producers make modern versions every years. Pickups are weighty, but at the same time huge, spacy, look aggressive and strong. And it is all true. People like such look combined with great functions, because not everybody can afford expensive car. Pickups are not cheapest cars, but it is something average between good price and high quality. So, let’s observe, what new will we see in 2016 GMC Duramax and if our expectations will come true.

New style, new opportunities


It took a year for the team of producers, engineers and designers to create something new to the public, which expected up-to-date car. And they really made it by presenting a new engine with four cylinders, which mean that the truck will be more aggressive. More powerful, but save fuels, which is very convenient for such type of a car. Also the engineering part of the car lived through several innovations, but they are not so huge – new materials, updated details under the hood and so on. But all in all the main goal, which people always want, was achieved by the professional team.

Changes in exterior look


Due to the usage of new material both under the hood (in details) and outside, the truck 2016 GMC Duramax became less weighty. It is felt when a driver sit inside the cabin and start driving. But to less weigh the car is controlled better and even drivers with not so much experience will make it easy to drive even for long distances.

The interior and exterior itself did not change a lot, because the main look of the car is usually preserved. The new 2016 GMC Duramax just became of more square shape, which means that it looks more and more aggressive than before. It is a great advantage of the vehicle, because with such a car its owner looks and feels great.

There was a lot of space inside the truck, and it is now preserved too. You can use the space as you wish. It will be good for huge companies, families and even for your everyday work. Transporting things with such a “horse” will be great.

We will wait for the final presentation and start of sales in the beginning of the coming year, as the producers promise their customers. The new 2016 GMC Duramax will be available according to the information for about $40000, but it is worth seeing and using. After all the testing will be done, we will be able to make our own tests and decisions.

18 Photos of the 2016 GMC Duramax – New Edition

2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramaximages 2016 GMC Duramax2016 GMC Duramax new2016 GMC Duramax newcomerimages 2016 GMC Duramax specsimages 2016 GMC Duramax hugeimages 2016 GMC Duramax cabinimages 2016 GMC Duramax exteriorgmc-sierra-2500-manual2016-GMC-Canyon-Denali-Specs-Design-1024x6802016-GMC-Canyon-Denali-Interior-Design-1024x6802016-GMC-Canyon-Denali-Duramax

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