2016 GMC Envoy: Revival of a Model

According to the numerous rumors, the General Motors Company is currently on the stage of a new car development. To be more specific, it should be mentioned that it will be a renewed and refined automobile, actually. It comes to the 2016 GMC Envoy model whose history dates back to 1998. Some time ago, namely in 2009, it was discontinued, but soon we will see the third generation of this mid-size SUV in flesh.

2016 GMC Envoy White

Design Changes

The most likely, the auto will be built on the basis of Chevrolet Trailblazer platform; nevertheless, it won’t become just its doppelganger. Of course, the car will share some common features with other GMC’s models but it also will be characterized by a plenty of unique details and exclusive features. In general, its outer look has been revised and restyled for making the auto more dynamic. The new 2016 GMC Envoy will have a longer wheelbase than earlier that will allow it to cope with all the road surfaces.

The luxurious inner side of a cabin will look gorgeous, equipped with the up-to-date technologies and gadgets which have become an inevitable part of a modern car. The 5-door crossover will be large enough to accommodate its passengers on the heated leather seats with the ultimate comfort, providing a lot of room both for people and for luggage.

2016 GMC Envoy Interior

Technical Specs

No one knows for sure now which engine options will be offered under the hood of the latest model. We can only make some suggestion based on the analytics’ points of view. So, they say that it will feature a 3.6L V8 engine producing about 240-280 hp (in contrast to the current 4L V6 and 5.3L V8 variants). The rear-wheel and all-wheel configurations available will show a great performance. There exists also a possibility of a diesel model official release. In such a case, the Duramax powerful motor may be implemented inside the auto.

2016 GMC Envoy Side

Price and Time of Release

Unfortunately, we don’t have accurate information as for the pricing of 2016 GMC Envoy for now. Any predictions won’t be close to true as the model has been undergone a lot of drastic changes and refinements comparing to the previous 2009 version. Besides, it will definitely take a couple of months to make a car highly-competitive among others, so experts expect the auto to become available either at the end of 2015 or at the first quarters of the following year. Hopefully, it will become popular enough to prove its existence and place under the sun, taking everything possible from its second chance.

17 Photos of the 2016 GMC Envoy: Revival of a Model

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