2016 Honda CR-V – Vast Power Embodied in New Crossover

Honda put together a vehicle which is really impressive in the combination of its vast size, powerful features and astonishing cool view – meet 2016 Honda CR-V. This is the fourth generation of the given model. The company claimed this model to be the most best-selling SUV of the first months of the previous year. The car was spotted in the United States during the tests. As we can judge from the speculations the main changes touched the front view and power options.

2016 Honda CR-V front

External Design

The new 2016 Honda CR-V looks really sharp. Aluminum wheels are fantastic and incredibly shiny adding some sophistication to the general appearance of the car. Sunroof will allow you to get some fresh air on the go any time you want. The front grill and bumper have undergone substantial modernization. Now the grill is smaller and divided in two by the Honda logo and two aluminum poles going horizontally and adding some elongated impression. Reinstalled LED headlights are smaller but never less powerful now. They look extremely sleek and neatly. In the rear view things are much the same as they were before. The wheel grids have been changed slightly to more artistic and urban variants. The platform was modified to enhance safety in case of crashing. Blind Spot system along with Lane Control, Collision Warning, and Intelligent Cruise Control stay on passengers’ and driver’s guard.

2016 Honda CR-V back

Internal Design

The basic structure of the all new 2016 Honda CR-V remains the same as it was before. And that’s a good thing because its cabin has always been a comfortable place to spend time. Changes touched a few trim details such as steering wheel and dashboard elements. The entirely new detail is Connect System was made on the up-to-date technological platform. It includes high-definition touch screen with lots of convenient positions and options for navigation. Swiping, pinching, and tapping became easy as the new screen is very sensible for touches. From this menu you can reach music system, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, Radio, and the base navigation management of the Honda crossover.

2016 Honda CR-V inside

Engine Options and Platform Speculations

Engine options in this SUV are really impressive. You go from 1.6 to 2.4 liter motor with capacity 120/140 or 160/180 horsepower respectively. There are hybrid engines available as well. You can likewise choose between 6-speed or 9-speed transmission. New 2016 Honda CV-R crossover possesses the best in the history of the company fuel economy options – up to 3 miles per gallon in the new combined mode.

Release and Price

The Honda newest SUV is expected till the end of autumn. The price level will start with about $30,000.

11 Photos of the 2016 Honda CR-V – Vast Power Embodied in New Crossover

2016 Honda CR-V2016 Honda CR-V2016 Honda CR-V2016 Honda CR-V front

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