2016 Honda Fit: Pragmatic Yet Attractive

The third generation of Honda’s most popular hatchback 2016 Honda Fit has overcome several changes in its power capacity as well as in its appearance. Tremendous utility setup, enhanced safety, and roomy interior are organically combined here to impress its fans totally. Its crash-tests are the best for a small-sized hatchback. And its fuel economy deserves its rage.

2016 Honda Fit photo

Inside and Outside Design Features

Speaking about the interior we need to mention that Honda cars are believed to be one of the best equipped vehicles in the world. Regardless its size and speed capacity the company stuffs all its products with the state-of-the-art utilities. In comparison with its predecessor, the new 2016 Honda Fit will not substantially change. Standard automatic system of climate control will be included as well as good-quality audio system, heated seats, ventilated windows, and leather steering wheel upholstery. Satellite system of navigation will be operated in the huge high-defined eight-inch screen. The outside appearance of the model won’t substantially change. The exception is the hybrid model which will get its own look.

2016 Honda Fit inside

Engine Options and Platform

The biggest changes started here – under the hood. First of all we should mention that the standard 1.5 liter motor will not be used again. Its place has taken the smaller and more economic 1.3 liter motor. Forget that it is smaller – it is not less powerful – even on the contrary. Such an engine will be capable of 130 lb of torque and will produce 100 horsepower. Two variations of transmission will be available: CVT gearbox and traditional manual six-speed one. The fuel consumption is surely smaller with the CVT type of transmission. One more engine variation will include a hybrid motor. Atkinson system of fuel cycling applied here will make possible great gas economy. Dual clutch transmission implied here will make the driving more comfortable and maneuvering. This last motor will produce up to 150 horsepower.

2016 Honda Fit back

Price Rates and Release Date Specs

The standard Honda Fit will cost something like $16,000 with such features included like LED rear-lights, Bluetooth built-in connectivity system, rear-view camera, and spoiler of the roofline type. The Honda Fit model equipped with CVT will cost starting from $17,000. Manual transmission will go cheaper than automatic. The market is ready for all new 2016 Honda Fit release, so they say it will appear in the USA in the midsummer. The European automobile market will have its chance to present this car to its fans only in autumn or even later.

10 Photos of the 2016 Honda Fit: Pragmatic Yet Attractive

2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit2016 Honda Fit back2016 Honda Fit photo

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