2016 Honda Ridgeline: Features to Impress

Pickup market is rocked by the hottest release of the year – 2016 Honda Ridgeline – an enhanced unibody 2nd generation vehicle with striking power capacity and marvelous outer lines. The fans of the previous generation pointed that their favorite features are two-side tailgate and lockable build-in refrigerator for a beer inside of the truck – fantastic isn’t it?

Honda Ridgeline 2016 front

Engine Capacity and Platform

The all new 2016 Honda Ridgeline will adopt the materials of the minivan and the mighty platform of the Acura MDX combined with Pilot – Honda’s indigenous new-generation platform. The powertrain will be driven by the six-speed automatic transmission working on the base of remodeled gearbox with extremely cozy navigation. Four-wheel driving system will make it all-ground riding. There will be no landscape able to contest its powers. The usual V-6 and 3,5 liter engine will be capable of producing up to 300 horsepower and 345 lb of torque.

Outer Appearance Features

Honda Ridgeline back

The vehicle which is a combination of natural vastness and comfortable practicality will sustain non-substantial change in comparison with its predecessor. The tailgate of this truck will have two ways of opening the system called dual-action. Immense trunk will be capable of rooming two adult people for sleep that’s why its other name is In-Bed Trunk. Sculptured silhouette will add to the whole aerodynamics of the truck increasing its speed. Lighter materials used in manufacturing will make it less fuel-sufficient. New muscular and daring look is born to impress. The SUV is a perfect spot for out-city riding on long distances with all family members.

Inner Design Distinctions

Honda Ridgeline inside

Taking into account all the before mentioned outer design features, the inner appearance will not surprise us less. Utilities responsible for passengers’ comfort will be embodied into this pickup. A lot of shiny chrome details, wooden trim, and expensive leather upholstery – is what this car is from the inside. LED lightning will be implied to make the salon glitter at night. Improved parking assistance program and enhanced steering-wheel management will make the driving even more fun, enjoyable and easier for you and your family.

Date of the Release and Price Specs

The all new 2016 Honda Ridgeline will show up on the automobile market not sooner than the end of this year. Some speculations prove it might come out in the next year. Time will show – as they say. Speaking about price it is difficult to tell for sure now, but rumor has it that this SUV will go with not less than $ 30,000.

11 Photos of the 2016 Honda Ridgeline: Features to Impress

2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda Ridgeline2016 Honda RidgelineHonda Ridgeline insideHonda Ridgeline 2016 front

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