2016 Hyundai I30 Specs

A new variant, restyled and refreshed, will be presented by the Hyundai company – they will release 2016 Hyundai I30. This model has much in common with its previous brother, but now all the defaults and mistakes were corrected and a new design has been added. Though people say that the price will not change for the car in comparison with the previous one, so it is reasonable to buy a new car with new characteristics, which are better than earlier, but for the same amount of money.
It is really interesting and intriguing to wee what engineers managed to do, because the chance to have such a car would be very interesting for a lot of car owners.

The specs and changes of 2016 Hyundai I30

2016 Hyundai I30 back

As to the changes, they are both a bit in appearance and also inside the car and under the hood. For example, it is a valuable change that the car will now have 7 speeds instead of 6. The engine will be also improved, it will be more powerful and have the turbo function. The car is expected to be really powerful and many drivers, who like speed and force, must highly evaluate the car. In reality it will be available to try at the presentation of the vehicle itself, whenever it will be shown.
The appearance of the car totally suits its inner power and construction. In order to make the whole image, producers tried to make everything similar to each other and supplement each other. The new look also make the car be very powerful, sporty, energetic and high-spirited. Head and tail lights, bumper, form of the body help to create this image. The car – 2016 Hyundai I30 – is a hatchback, but the producer made a choice for the customers and created three variations of the car. It will be available with three or five doors, or even a wagon version. So, each customer will be able to choose the variant, which mostly suits his or her needs.
Also the car will be less weighty, which is also an important factor. The body of the car is smooth, without corners and is similar to some sport car.

Dates of release of 2016 Hyundai I30

2016 Hyundai I30 design

Thought the model of a car is new and restyled, the class of it has not been changed. 2016 Hyundai I30 is not a luxury car and it has no some special extra characteristics. That is why its price is not very high. Thought the model is new, the price has been left at the same level due to the will of producers – it will be about $11.000.
The presentation and sales of the new vehicle are planned to be at the beginning of the year, if the producer will not change anything.

2016 Hyundai I30

2016 Elantra GT

15 Photos of the 2016 Hyundai I30 Specs

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