2016 Infiniti Convertible – Redesign

Infiniti concern has already produced convertible cars and at some time it has been a success. But now the generation of those cars became older and not so popular, that is why it is now time to replace the old models with the new once. Customers and drivers need new technologies, refreshments and new devices. And Infiniti is ready to do its best and provide customers with what they want. In this article we will observe new 2016 Infiniti Convertible, which has been updated and got new details and features. Here we will try to describe the most important of them.

Specs and differences

2016 Infiniti Convertible interior

Not long time ago the manufacturer has presented the concept of new car, that is why there is not much official information about all the peculiarities of the car. Certainly, there appeared a lot of rumors in the net. The whole impression of the car will not change a lot – sporty look has been preserved all in all. Just some details have been changed, which add the car more aggressiveness, more strength and speed. The vehicle now will be more quick but safe at the same time, easy controlled and maneuver. It is very important, especially for sport cars, because at high speed, people have different feelings, and the aim of engineers make it as much comfortable and exciting as possible.
This time designers did not pay much attention to the cabin itself and its interior. Maybe you were expecting of something extraordinary, but it is not likely to be brought to life. The interior is simple, practically as in the previous model, without and special details. Some people treat this like a negative side, but who knows, what is better.
As to the engine and its refreshments, nothing concrete is still known. Mostly people expect more powerful engine with more horse speeds, as in the sport car. Transmission will be left the same, but the rest – we will wait and see.

2016 Infiniti Convertible

Price expectations and the date of release

So, after the observation you see that new 2016 Infiniti Convertible is highly expected at the market, but no one knows for sure about the details, which bother customers. All in all the car is expected to be similar to its predecessor, but we can not tell it for sure till the presentation time and the official information will be told. As to the date of release, we only know that it will be closer to the end of 2016. Hope that plans will not change and the date will be known soon. As to the price, we also do not know the official information, but it must be about $50.000 – 55.000, which is quite reasonable.

15 Photos of the 2016 Infiniti Convertible – Redesign

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