2016 Infiniti QX60

Every year producers of cars try to make innovations to their lineups, and more often we begin to see SUVs from all manufacturers. It is not a secret for anybody that such type of car is really more convenient for a lot of people. So, this year Infinity manufacturer refreshed its SUV from the QX line and promises to present us new 2016 Infiniti QX60 in the future year. The new car is expected to have new modifications, new systems and updates, which will let it to become one of the most popular SUVs on the market. As we know, Infiniti has already earned its reputation and its fans are willing to see its new child.

Specs and new devices

2016 Infiniti QX60 release

The refreshments have been done not only upon exterior, but also about interior. Producers tried to make everything, what customers need and expect from the car. All in all the new SUV is now more spacy than its predecessor. It’s a useful refreshment, because it is very convenient for most people – families, huge companies and so on. Firstly, all people inside, including the driver, will have enough space to feel comfortable and take the preferable pose. And secondly, the space at the back of the car allows people take a lot of things with themselves – from clothes to different entertainment devices.
The car has been left practically the same under the hood, as engineers tried to spend more attention to the exterior and the look of the car on the whole. Visually now new 2016 Infiniti QX60 looks more aggressive, more luxurious, more bossy. The car got new shape of the roof, new headlights and new forms of the cabin. Now it really looks more up-to-date and attractive.
Interior has also been refreshed – usage of new materials of high quality, control systems, heating and air conditioning and etc. All these systems help driver fell comfortable inside the car and make the process of driving easier and as safer as possible.

Release date and price

2016 Infiniti QX60 redesign

New 2016 Infiniti QX60 is expected at the market not so soon – by the end of the year or even at the beginning of 2017 year. Such a long period of time may be determined by producers, because of embedment of some technologies or details. So, we will wait till manufacturers will tell us the concrete date by official information. What concerns the information about the price, also according to officials we got the news, that certainly the price will be higher than the predecessor of 2016 Infiniti QX60. Not it is expected to be about $46.000.

18 Photos of the 2016 Infiniti QX60

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