2016 Jeep Gladiator: Revival of the 2-Door Pickup

Perfect things never go forever and just come back in some time, but in a slightly changed form. This is also true for cars which have great popularity and trust among drivers from almost all the countries of the world. Now, we are speaking about the 2016 Jeep Gladiator that was taken out of production back in 1988. Though, its renewed version is about to see the world in a couple of months with a lot of updates introduced. So, if you need to cope with the long distances and difficult road conditions, this will become a perfect variant for you.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Side

Updates of Interior and Exterior

The full-size pickup will have a look a little bit in a military style but definitely modern. The car is expected to be built on the basis of a large SJ platform, but with the height of 1900 mm. The wheel size will be an 18-inch one paired with the high-end tires for the best stabilization. The inner part of 2016 Jeep Gladiator will be as comfortable as never before. For example, the seats will be upholstered with the waterproof fabric that is both very practical and convenient. What is more, the space of the cabin is customizable.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Interior

Technical Information

If the rumors are to be believed, we may expect two different engine options for the newest model. A V6 2.8L turbo diesel engine will be offered together with its 160 hp and 296 pound-feet of torque. The second one should be a 3.6L six-cylinder engine featuring about 285 hp and 160 lb-ft. Thanks to the better aerodynamic lift, the latter is more efficient. A six-speed transmission of an automatic type will deliver the power to both of them. Customers will be able to choose between the two and four wheel drive.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Rear

Release Time and Price

Unfortunately, it’s too soon to speculate on the exact date of 2016 Jeep Gladiator release, but it will definitely happen in the middle of the following year. As far as the analytics may predict, the vehicle won’t cost too much, starting from $27,000. One will have to pay approximately $35 thousand for the highest trim. It seems like it will become a bestseller in the market.

18 Photos of the 2016 Jeep Gladiator: Revival of the 2-Door Pickup

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