2016 Lexus NX

2016 Lexus NX
Nowadays it is difficult to wonder road-users with the new designed automobile. That’s why it seems everything is already created. But the Lexus designers continue to surprise people. The newest model of NX luxury range has incredibly modern design of exterior and interior that can be named the best with no doubt.
This model is based on the previous concept car Lexus LF-NX represented in 2012. However, 2016 model has surpassed the concept car thanks to that fact it has no disputed issues both in design and in technical characteristics. And also it has more advantages.

2016 Lexus NX


The 2016 Lexus NX wonderfully combines in it elegant, luxurious and sports styles. The design gets uniqueness because of the nylon upper grille thanks to which the forward part of a car seems impudent and predatory. The size of wheelbase is 2660 mm, and it is less than the size of Lexus RX ones, but it isn’t worse. The extended body with width as the regular SUV consists of thin lines with sharp angles giving the car elegant and modern appearance.

2016 Lexus NX Exterior Back


This car like a majority of crossovers is really spacious inside. But what is more that interior is extremely functional as well as it is necessary to luxurious models. It is chock-full of the most modern and newest interface technologies in the combination with convenient design.
In the center part of front panel is the 8-inch touchscreen display which overlooks the image from four cameras with a circular field of view. Also, there is the wireless charger for smartphones in the cabin. In front of the driver is the projective display on the windshield. And in the head lighting the function of automatically switching from low-beam to high-beam is appeared in this new model.

2016 Lexus NX Interior

Technical Characteristics

In the base case the car equipped with 4-cylinders engine with 2,0 l and 150 HP. The new version of this model has S-CVT/Multi-drive. Moreover, there is the hybrid model with 197 HP. This version has petrol 2,5 l engine and electric one. The other model is presented that has the turbine engine which power varies from 225 to 227 HP, and the automatic transmission is equipped with 6 speeds.
2016 Lexus NX new model is very equipped and has a modern luxurious design. Also it has an attractive price as distinct from the RX model. There are a lot of new technologies and everything that the driver need for comfort on the road. The prestigious and functional model is for true car connoisseurs.

12 Photos of the 2016 Lexus NX

2016 Lexus NX Interior2016 Lexus NX Exterior Back2016 Lexus NX2016 Lexus NX

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