2016 The Long-Awaited Return Of Ford Ranchero

Ford manufacturer wanted to create the absolutely modernized pickup. It should be much smaller and more saving than Ranger, but save all advantages of trucks. And they have succeeded. In 2016 we will be able to see on the markets the revolution among the modern pickups trucks Ranchero. It is going to be more maneuverable, to have more performance and more attractive appearance. Besides all these pros of the newest pickup, 2016 Ford Ranchero is going to be cheaper, than general truck.

2016 Ford Ranchero Front

Exterior Description

The most important thing in the appearance of Ranchero it is the absolutely new level of attraction. Thanks to its smaller dimensions it looks compact and speedy. But at the same time the truck has massive and aggressive look. The front part is lifted and has a modern style. Hexangular radiator grille with chrome decoration is the main difference between Ranchero and Ranger. Narrow running and daytime headlights make the impression of predatory glance. The muscular relief of the car body creates the streamlined appearance.

2016 Ford Ranchero back

Interior Description

2016 Ford Ranchero is equipped with interfaced technologies, such as satellite radio, voice activation system and navigation system XM Sirius Travel. All details inside are made in laconic black shades. It adds the car elegance and grace. Soft leather seats repeat inflexions of the body, so passengers and driver will feel incredible comfort travelling by the new Ranchero. The central console has chrome cover with dark strips of buttons. There is bug touch HD screen that allows to watch entertainment videos or to get the image from remoting camera. Multifunctional steering wheel gives the opportunity to driver to switch the music or answer the phone in a safety way.

2016 Ford Ranchero interior

Technical Characteristics

There is not so many information about what will be under the hood of 2016 Ford Ranchero. It is known that there is one model with the powerful turbo diesel engine. Also, there will be another variant with 6.7 l V6 engine. This car is designed for the carriage of freight, so it is going to have incredible performance.

Price and Launch Date

Ford Motors Company hasn’t given much data about how much this truck will cost and when we can exactly see it on the car markets yet. As it is known, it will appear in the beginning of 2016. By rumors the price of Ranchero will be around $15000. It is very cheap for this renewed pickup truck.

5 Photos of the 2016 The Long-Awaited Return Of Ford Ranchero

2016 Ford Ranchero2016 Ford Ranchero2016 Ford Ranchero2016 Ford Ranchero2016 Ford Ranchero

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3 Responses

  1. Leno Vito says:

    Perhaps this is the most memorable pick-up in my life. It looks very presentable and at the same time has good fuel efficiency. But what is most important the price of new 2016 Ford Ranchero is also quite low.

    • aussie utes says:

      These cars have been out for decades the orange and blue ones are ford falcon utes made in Australia for Australia’s same as holden (gm)
      and usa will not be getting them because after October they will no longer be made

  2. Keith Gideon says:

    Why would you make a big deal about the Ford Ranchero and then post a video of the Chevy El Camino?

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