About Me

Theo MartinHey everyone. I’m Theo Martin and I would never have thought that I will keep a blog and still less about automobiles. I am a simple man from Russia. I have a lot of interests, but in these latter days most of all I concern myself with new cars. Why do I choose exactly new cars? The case is that almost all automobile manufacturers are creating absolutely new generation of car models. Just last models are rather different from previous ones. They are modernized and have huge amount of fascinating characteristics. Some automobiles have got utterly another appearance and engine, and other cars have changed vice versa only a little bit in look staying committed to its style.

New cars are equipped with such technologies about that we couldn’t even dream, from native car functions to unbelievable opportunities. Looking at some newest automobiles it is possible to remember science-fiction films of past age. For example, huge intercepting screens on a windshield, or absence of buttons, switching big amount of systems only by touching panels. Modern automobiles are darn near endowed with artificial integrity and almost read your mind to provide enjoyable travelling.

Automobile companies are matching to customers. If earlier only well-to-do family could afford to buy a car, now the car is not luxury, it is means of transport. They are creating from small-scale bantam cars to graceful premium sport utility vehicles. The automobile like watch shows how his owner is wealthy, what characteristics he has and what does he prefer. It is possible to guess that the car plays on of the main roles in modern people’s life.

In order to learn about newest cars I am staying tuned, watching videos on YouTube and reading auto magazines. Then I am posting received information about the most interesting automobiles. I do it for my pleasure and I think it will be interesting for many other car users. You can read a lot of compartmentalized information about one or other model. On this site there is description of almost all newest models. And I regularly replenish the collection.