Alfa Romeo 2016 models

The subcompact Mito, the compact Giulietta and the sport-car 4C are the only models that are currently produced by Fiat division Alfa Romeo. However Fiat has made a decision to change the situation dramatically. According to official information, the famous Italian automaker is going to release nine new models. All of them may be presented until 2016, and four of them will be available during the next two years. These Alfa Romeo 2016 models will supposedly represent a wide range of segments, from subcompacts to luxury vehicles which are going to rival the BMW 7-Series or the Mercedes S-class.

Alfa Romeo future cars

The announced new car range will reportedly include the following models. One subcompact car which will probably be an upgraded model of the Mito. The Giulietta will also have a successor representing a compact hatchback class. This car will get the new Quadrifoglio Verde engine producing 237 hp, and be matched with a six-speed dual clutch transmission.

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Another new model is the Giulia. This promising mid-size line-up will come in three modifications (sedan, crossover and wagon). Alfa Romeo originally planned to release it in 2012 to replace the 159, but according to the revised project, the Giulia will appear on the market in 2015. Moreover, it will be the first Alfa Romeo model since 1995 which will be available in the US dealerships. The new car will reportedly be built on the Fiat first-wheel-drive C-EVO platform that was used particularly for the Giulietta.

Among the Alfa Romeo 2016 models the premium class will be represented by a sedan named 169. Sharing the platform with the Maserati Ghibli III this five-seat car will be equipped with 3.0 and 3.5-liter V6 engines which will generate 255 and 300 hp, respectively.

2016 Alfa Romeo 169

The 4C will be upgraded as well. Due to new materials retaining its rigidity the car will get additional 55 kilograms that, according to the developers, will not affect the performance. The new 4C will continue the 1.75-liter V4 turbocharged engine producing 240 hp.

Coproduction cars

As it was reported earlier, Alfa Romeo is going to cooperate with Chrysler and Mazda. The result of cooperation with the American automaker will be the

replacing the Patriot and the Compass. With the Giulietta’s platform, as some other Alfa Romeo 2016 models, it will be equipped with only front-wheel-drive. Supposedly, it will have some exterior elements of the Kamal concept car.

The cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer will bring a rear-wheel-drive roadster. The new car will have the Mazda and the Alfa Romeo brands. It will be based on the MX-5 rear-wheel-drive architecture. However the Italian and the Japanese versions will differ from each other according to the style canons of their brands.

2016 Alfa Romeo C-SUV

12 Photos of the Alfa Romeo 2016 models

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