Aston Martin Lagonda 2016

Since 1976 to 1990 Aston Martin was producing a hand-built sedan named Lagonda. The car was among the most expensive vehicles of those times, featuring cutting-edge technologies. Several years ago the British automaker introduced a concept car under the same name which then attracted much attention. However, the concept considerably differed from the classic Lagonda. Unlike that four-door GT sedan, this new Aston Martin car could be rather categorized as a sport utility vehicle which, with its luxurious look, would be a successful competitor for the Porsche Cayenne.


In spite of the presented concept, the Aston Martin Lagonda 2016, which will be launched for wide production, is expected to be all the same the revival of the iconic sedan with a Lagonda emblem on its trunk as it is witnessed by the first spy photos. With modern sleek lines of the bodywork it looks really breathtaking. Sharing the Aston Martin VH platform with the Rapide S the new Lagonda will have a lengthened wheelbase. It will also be lower and wider than its sedan predecessor, and that will improve aerodynamics as well as top speed and sound insulation.

The car’s distinctive exterior elements are a long hood with a stylish hexagon-shaped stripe grill taken from the Lagonda concept and narrow LED headlights. All of this visually makes the sedan lower giving to it a supercar look. From the classical Lagonda models the new car has received large rear pillars. However, the rear end is designed in a quite modern style. The narrow taillights connected with a chromed garnish include LED technology as well. The innovative design is supplemented by rectangular exhaust pipes in the lower part of the bumper.

Aston Martin Lagonda 2016

The interior of the Aston Martin Lagonda 2016 is really astonishing. Featuring some premium improvement the car shows the luxury level which is hard to compare to something else. Inside, the comfortable heated and ventilated seats, door panels with armrests, the dashboard are upholstered with quilted leather. Both the front seats and rear seats are separated with a tunnel housing the car’s transmission. It also features storing spaces and some control elements.

Aston Martin Lagonda 2016


The upcoming sedan will come with amazing technical specifications. The Aston Martin Lagonda 2016 is expected to be powered by a 5.9-liter inline-twelve engine. This beast power unit is able to generate up to 600 horsepower. With it the car will have top speed of 320 km/h accelerating to 100 km in four seconds. However there will also be more economical trims of the Lagonda with more modest parameters.

10 Photos of the Aston Martin Lagonda 2016

Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016Aston Martin Lagonda 2016

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