Audi A2 2016 – Return of a Legend

At first time we saw Audi A2 Concept 4 years ago – at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011. It was going to become a competitive 4-seats electric vehicle. A couple of years have past and now, if the rumors are true, the automaker decided to revive its small but sporty and elegant-looking car from the dormancy. The model shouldn’t be very pricy being a compact one, so it may cause a great market demand.

Audi A2 2016 Front

Technical Specs

The car will be very lightweight because of the usage of carbon fiber reinforced polymer instead of the aluminum and steel. It will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with the capacity of 31 kilowatts per hour. Its electric motor will be completed with a single-speed gearbox. According to the rumors, its maximum speed won’t be higher than 93 mph. It will take about 4 hours to be fully-charged through a standard 230 V charging station and about 1.5 hours through a 400 V charging station.

Exterior Features

The first thing that strikes the eye when you are looking at the side of the car is a lack of door handles. In fact, they are still there but hidden – they slide out from a niche when needed. This feature gives Audi A2 2016 a futuristic and cosmic look. The redesigned headlights and LED day running lights that strength along the whole side of a carbody are two the most styling details of the exterior design. The latter ones are dynamic and colored (in a form of light impulses). However, a big grill of unusual form with a chromed firm logo also attracts people’s attention.

Audi A2 2016 Interior

Interior Features

The car has enough room for 4 people accommodation. Its dimensions are 12.47×5.54×4.89 feet. It also features a two-level load area that is large enough to carry an ordinary family travelling stuff.

What car can boast of a built-in Wi-Fi network? The answer is Audi A2 2016. So, the connection to the Internet has never been so easy in the trip. A 7-inch touchscreen display and 2 additional ones are at driver’s hand. Besides, the vehicle features a so-called semi-autonomous driving system, i.e. an advanced cruise control. Furthermore, the owner can unlock the doors via special gestures due to the built-in sensors.

Audi A2 2016 Side View

Price and Time of Release

We are pretty sure that Audi A2 2016 has moved from the status of just a concept to the product being under development. Though, it’s everything we know about its upcoming availability, including the exact pricing (while the analytics say it will be approximately 50,000 dollars).

12 Photos of the Audi A2 2016 – Return of a Legend

Audi A2 2016 Side ViewAudi A2 2016 InteriorAudi A2 2016 Front

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