Audi A5 2017 Changes

The company expects that the popularity of the sports car, decorated in a body with two doors, considerably increase due to the number of submitted innovations that are now being tested with might and main by the Germans. In fact, one such test-race allows journalists to do an updated version of spy shots cars. Photos with the new machine once again prove how tenderly German manufacturer refers to the appearance of his creation, because the car looks superb.

Audi A5 2017 front

Audi A5 2017 front

New Audi A5 2017– what new

We can’t say that the exterior design has changed a lot, if we compare this with the previous model. On the other hand, if you put a number of the latest generation A4 model and future A5, you can barely find the difference. Further, Audi decided to reinforce the achievements and A5 gave almost all the best that was in the A4.

We also noticed the new changed headlights, there are cooler then it has the previous model. Here they have become like the eyes of wild animals that are looking furiously narrowed with their evil eyes. Between them is a radiator whose dimensions are slightly increased.

On the back side through the new incarnation of the changes can be traced the same lights. Only here they are already similar to those which are established in a sedan.

Audi A5 2017 front

Audi A5 2017 front

Rear-view mirrors now moved to the compartment door. It seems to be made of aluminum, which emphasizes the composite materials. Due to this, exterior the Audi A5 looks elegant, as in the previous model.

Presentation, dates and prices

Audi A5 2017 is a car for the “big trip”. That’s how the Germans positioned it when cars were on two main car dealerships. The first generation model came out almost 10 years ago – in 2007, and in 2017, exactly to the first jubilee since the release of the day, will be a new version of the Audi A5. Producers have tried to improve all technical parameters in order to the new machine could really surprise the audience. We can say with confidence that they could do this, we hope that the real connoisseurs will appreciate it highly too.

Audi A5 2017 – changes

Due to the increase of the wheelbase has been made possible to release a considerable amount of space on the interior perimeter. This in turn will allow passengers both in the back seat and in the front seat beside the driver to feel much more comfort and convenience during the long trip. Next to the driver’s seat on the arm’s length set the screen-assistant with touch input. Its display shows all the elements of the dashboard, and by not so small diagonal driver doesn’t have to approach to see the information displayed.

Audi A5 2017 back

Audi A5 2017 back

The multimedia system has been completely “steal” from the fourth model. Seats are remarkable attractive and elegant.

Other elements of the interior, including the instrument panel, are decorated with aluminum materials. Such accent for this metal sets the tone for all interior made it better as well as it possible and it makes the new A5 model is unique.

The most interesting thing got stuffing it and sets it apart from other machines and allows you to be a novelty for hobbyists and professionals. MLB platform was improved and became the basis for the Audi A5 sample 2017. The motor is ready to do everything possible to disperse the car to power 190 and 240 horsepower, depending on the chosen configuration. This is facilitated 1,4- and 2-liter engines. Separately, the Germans were planning to introduce a diesel engine, and in two versions: a 1.6-liter and 2 liters. But in addition to all the above-mentioned motors German manufacturer has added a hybrid version of the engine running on gasoline and electricity. Here, in turn, can’t but note the similar decision taken earlier for the Audi A3.

9 Photos of the Audi A5 2017 Changes

Audi A5 2017 backAudi A5 2017 backAudi A5 2017 frontAudi A5 2017 frontAudi A5 2017 frontAudi A5 2017 backAudi A5 2017

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