Audi Q4 2016: Newer, Better and Faster

As far as the car market is growing rapidly, any company tries to offer as much models, as much cars for the theoretical and real consumers, as possible. It’s the key point for continuing staying in marked. So Audi is not an exception from the rules and the company does what the others do – it tries to offer more, better and faster. The company enlarges the number of offered cars in the line and it considers all the types, not only the SUVs. But if we talk about SUV, the company has recently presented a new concept-car which has all the qualities and all the main features on the new Audi Q4 2016.
It is expected to appear in 2016 or a bit later. The car is declared as a comfortable, stable family SUF if medium size. It will be liked by drivers who prefer good and safe driving in the car of high quality.

The specs of the car

Being the latest addition to the SUV line, Audi Q4 2016 is a compact family car able to carry up to 4 people. It will be something between a small Q3 and bigger, middle-sized model Q5. The car will also use VW’s new MQB platform. The design of the car is expected to be close to Audi’s use VW’s new MQB platform. Of course there will be some solution of Q5 car.
Audi Q4 2016
Anyway its look will be much more aggressive and sporty. 21-inch alloy wheels is the first thing which you notice looking at the car and the second is its futuristic concept. The main recognizable feature of the model is its front fascia, characterized by rather narrow headlights and horizontally slatted grille. In interior they will use modern materials of high quality making the interior very stylish and rich. A lot of up to date technologies is also a big advantage. For example, one an imagine a car without a navigation system or Bluetooth and the designers of Audi know this. The car will also have all needed airbags making a car safe enough for driving with family.
Audi Q4 2016

How does it work? A few words about the engine

The car Audi q4 2016 will take power from two motors and a petrol engine. It will have 288 horses with 2.0 liters. All on all the whole output is expected to be near 402 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque. The other point that should be mentioned is a huge petrol economy. It actually goes around 130 mpg, when the only electric range is around 50 miles. But economy is not the best thing. The best thing for any driver is speed so the vehicle will be very fast, as the company says. It sprints to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds with the top speed limited at 155 mph.

10 Photos of the Audi Q4 2016: Newer, Better and Faster

Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016Audi Q4 2016

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