Audi Q5 2016: an Expected Sensation

This car Audi Q5 2016,  being expected as a sensation in the line, now will be producing in Mexico instead of Ingolstadt. Of course the public is interested why such a change happened. It was an unexpected and a bit illogical event but if the company does something they probably know what to do and why. One of the reasons might have been a level of the wages because they are much lower in Mexico.

And the fact is that this step of the company is a real blessing for Mexico because the company creates at least 20.000 jobs for local people. The public underlines hat this may change the level of the car because people don’t believe in good things from Mexico. Answering them the company mentions that the quality control doesn’t depend on the place of producing the car and it won’t become easier. Near 150.000 units are expected to be sold(as it was last year) but at the same time the new Q5 will come to market at the same time. It’s very important because it shows that Audi Q5 2016  is going to be a family-oriented Audi-slick SUV and Q6 will be presented at the couple-influenced market. In spite of Audi Q6 being one of the  best looking SUV at the moment on sale it will differ from the scratch, in other words it will be redesigned and the presented view is not the final step of production.

Specs and details of the expected car

This car is expected to be the main rival of such cars as BMW X3, Range Rover Evoque,  Mercedes GLK. But it is also expected to compete the closest rival  Porsche Macan produced in Leipzig.  So the company does all to make the car more efficient, better handling and lighter.
Audi Q5 2016
There are front- and four-wheel drive powertrains scheduled.  The Audi company has already said that a triple-turbo 3.0 V6 TDI is rather good for 354bhp and 516lb ft in the works. The third charger is an electric E-boost device created to beef up the torque curve from the word go.

The hybrid is coming

Of course Audi Q5 2016  with 340bhp competes neck to neck with another excellent car – Macan S with the same 340bhp, but in fact the newest Q5 RS  with 450bhp has a huge advantage over Macan Turbo with its 400 bhp. Both crossovers will be have smooth eight-speed automatic.
Audi Q5 2016
The Audi also talks about their coming hybrid. The expected model will have  252bhp/273lb ft 2.0-litre four with a 109bhp/221lb ft electric motor.
Audi is opened for new ideas and if the people want the company will probably add matrix LED or even laser headlights which give light up to 20 or 21in footwear and matt paint job.

11 Photos of the Audi Q5 2016: an Expected Sensation

Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016Audi Q5 2016

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