2016 Audi Q6 – Release Of Luxury Coupe Crossover

Terrific dynamics, enhanced powertrain and performance, plus improved safety system – thus is going to be a new premium model of Audi – 2016 Audi Q6. The letter Q in this company has being a lucky star and almost a separate trademark as far as it turned out crazy popular notwithstanding its high price.
Practically this model could have faced the market in 2013, but the developers decided to wait and present it in 2016 alongside with first generation of Q5. Such postponing was necessary to make a no-hurry re-skin and apply a profound improvement. So, it is coming together with the second generation of Q5. The flagship is assembled in Mexico. It will be a smaller coupe version of the large Q7 crossover.

Capacity and Platform

New vehicle will share powertrain system with the Q5 model of the newest generation. The Audi Company announced the release of 2016 Audi Q6 in two diesel and two gasoline engine variations. Power capacity will range from 175 to 275 horsepower. There is still no specific information about motors. One thing is for sure – it will have 4X4 drive system. The officials has proved that will be two model variations – S and RS. There will also be available a more powerful components version with advanced equipment following the newest technological trends.
Q6 Audi front

Q6 Interior and Exterior

On the whole the interior will be quite sophisticated and full of brand-new materials and hi-tech details. Its concept is about to follow the Crosslane Coupe Idea designed in London in previous decades.
The rumors speculate that the flagship might come up with the lower roofline, more crooked windshield, and lower clearance. Large radiator grille is so typical for Audi cars will also be present here alongside with narrow headlight clusters. The rear bumper may have a redesigned form. Most details will be assembled from modern and innovative materials. This should decrease the total weight of the car making it faster and more maneuver.
2016 Q6 interior

Launch Date and Price

The 2016 Audi Q6 coupe model is ready to fill the market blank between BWM X5 and X6. Its precise launch date is unknown but we expect it to appear by the end of the coming year. It might be possible that it will appear till the middle of 2016. For the European market the vehicle will come with the price over 40,000 euros. For the western market the price will vary from $40,000 and up for specific set of equipment. R and RS editions will lie a bit higher on the price scale.

12 Photos of the 2016 Audi Q6 – Release Of Luxury Coupe Crossover

2016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q62016 Audi Q6Q6 Audi frontFront Audi Q6

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