Dodge Barracuda 2016 New Powerfull Car

Few later years Dodge Barracuda became one of the most popular sports cars on the American car market. Also, it is one of exotic muscular cars. Earlier this automobile wasn’t so popular, because it had extraordinary design with not so exciting technical characteristics. But Dodge Barracuda 2016 is absolutely renewed sports car. It is extremely attractive and powerful.

Exterior Description

The automobile looks really nice. It has very streamlined car body with sharp lines and waves. Therefore the design of exterior looks futuristic and aerodynamic. LED daytime headlights are narrow and reminds daring glance of a leopard. The radiator grille is like divided into two parts. It repeats the lines of a front part of the automobile and adds the car appearance more aggression, speed and power. Dodge Barracuda 2016 doesn’t remind classic car, but the impression of its look is really magnific. Two exhaust-pipes under the rear bumper are really wide. The car is not only powerful, but also stable. 22-inch wheels and low sportive profile prove it
. Barracuda 2016 New Powerfull Car From Dodge

Interior Description

The new automobile is equipped with a lot of interfaced technologies. Despite of its compact appearance, the car is spacious enough. There are incredibly comfortable seats made of high quality leather. They are really soft and repeat an inflexion of people’s bodies. So, passengers can enjoy travelling by the car. A dashboard and panels are very convenient. Everything is located at hand. A steering wheel is multifunctional. A driver can adjust all conditions for his comfort keeping his mind on the road.Dodge Barracuda 2016 interior

Technical Characteristics

As it was already mentioned, Dodge Barracuda 2016 is really powerful. But there are three variants of this model. The base case has 2.4 l 4-cylinder Tigershark engine. It is not so powerful but it has fuel efficiency. Under the muscular hood of the next case there is 3.6 l V8 Pentastar engine. And the third case is going to be completed with 6.2 l V8 Hemi engine. This one can generate about 600 HP. All these cases are supported with 8-speed automatic transmission. It is very alluring for car users. One of the main characteristic of this car is it’s power, the owners will enjoy of nice acceleration.

Price and Launch Date

The absolutely new Barracuda is coming soon. It will come out in early 2016. The approximate price will be around $24000 for base case.

20 Photos of the Dodge Barracuda 2016 New Powerfull Car

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