BMW 530d 2016 – Feel The New 5 Series Acceleration

BMW manufacturer represents the new generation of 5-series automobiles. It is promised to be the most ecological generation of automobiles in all over the world. These models can give Mercedes E-class and Audi A6 a run for their money. In this range there are sedan, station wagon, GT and hatchback. Now sedan with F10 cabin is going to come out. It is on the platform OKL that weans of luxury class. All other models of 5 series will be on the same platform, too. These cars are a little bit wider than previous models, but the length is the same. BMW 530d 2016 will be with diesel engine, therefore there is the letter “d”.

BMW 530d 2016 front
Exterior Description
Using of the new platform makes the automobiles more ecological, durable, strong and economic. In this platform are combined good experience of old platforms and new technologies. The car body is made of light materials – aluminum, high-tensile-strength steel and carbon. Therefore the automobiles become lighter and more economic. Emotional appearance of the cars becomes rather different from the earlier models. The radiator grille of BMW 530d 2016 is vertically directed and has massive look. LED daytime headlights also look like predatory glance of wild animal. The car has impudent appearance because of massive air-vents.

BMW 530d 2016 rear
Interior Description
There is no formal information about inner design of BMW 5 series. But, by rumors, there will be only high-qualified materials. Moreover, the car will be equipped with a lot of interfaced technologies, such as multimedia system with huge touch screen, renewed GPS Navigation system, automatic climate control, cruise control, antilock brake and other modern systems. Also, there will be Bluetooth and iPod –connection. BMW 530d 2016 will have electronics which can drive the car independently, slow down and speed up on the straight road. Everything inside is made for people’s comfort.

BMW 530d 2016 inside
Technical Characteristics
Under the massive hood of BMW 530d 2016 there is 3.0 l 6V diesel engine. It is able to generate 630 horsepower. This engine will be supported by 9-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission Getrag. It has also fuel efficiency, because the engine is diesel.
Price and Launch Date
Bmw 5 series is going to be around $32000 for base set. More equipped automobiles of this model range will cost from $32000 to $64000. 530d will come out in the beginning of 2016.

7 Photos of the BMW 530d 2016 – Feel The New 5 Series Acceleration

BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016BMW 530d 2016

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