Brandnew version of Honda Freed 2016

Honda Freed 2016 is the brandnew version of well-known car. Refined radiator grille, bumper and exhaust pipe are among the most serious renewals of this car. This is a compilation from Honda Jazz and Honda Fit. Although firstly the car appears only on the market of Asianvery but soon it will be seen almost by the whole world.


Fuel Economy

The standard edition of the novelty will be accessible with 1.5 L 4-cylinders motor. The inline configuration of it will drive power for all four wheels. This aggregate will be possible to give 114 Nm of height torque and it has 130 hp. Also there will be two petrol versions of this car. In particular it is G and G Aero ones. Beside there will be also the hybrid front-wheel version. The engine in the main version will be in tandem with CVT gearbox 5-speed automatical gearbox with the possibility of smoothing gear shifts. Simultaneously the hybrid version is organized with an enhanced gearbox with better performance.
And although the company says nothing about the fuel abilities of the novelty, it is known that its mileage figures will be more than 33 mpg. But the fuel performance of this vehicle can be much lower because of the company’s efforts to make lower fuel consumption.

2016-Honda-Freed back

The Interior

Expensive highest quality materials were used as the upholstery of that car. The cabin will be very comfy and roomy for all the passengers and also for the driver. Also it will be appointed with a variety of innovative new products in technical terms. For instance there you can see AC, which will make your trips more comfortable, anti-ultra violet glass, which will defend your skin from the deleterious sun rays. And thanks to the automatic climate system with the best performance the staying in the car will be as cozy as it is possible. Also there is Active Lock for ensuring better driving.

2016-Honda-Freed interior

The Exterior

Externally this model will be extremely similar to a hatchback, although it is a minivan. The platform of that vehicle will be is identical as in Honda Jazz or Honda Fit. It will have with upgraded exhaust pipe, front and rear lamps, bumper and grille. Furthermore Honda Freed 2016 is expected to be wider, longer and taller. It may easily accommodate seven or eight passengers. Also it can boast by aerodynamic appearance. The price of this novelty will vary between $ 16,270 and $ 22,295, depending on the configuration.

18 Photos of the Brandnew version of Honda Freed 2016

freedfreedfreedfreedfreedfreedfreed insideHonda-Ridgeline back2016-Honda-Accord back2016-Honda-Freed front2016-Honda-Freed backHonda-Ridgeline interior2016-Honda-Freed interior2016-Honda-Freed2016-Honda-Accord front2016-Honda-Accord2016-Honda-Accord interiorHonda-Ridgeline

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