Buick Avenir Moves from Concept to Stunning Reality

A vehicle that has impressive presence on the road and comfortable stance – this is what a premium Buick should be. And this is exactly what the French company decides to imply in its new up-market decision – Buick 2016 Avenir. Speaking about innovations in design, we can not but mention the desire of developers to combine fast coupe profile with sedan spacious feelings.

Inviting Interior

The designers of the interior trim say that they were inspired with the view of the ocean meeting shoreline while creating the conceptual idea of the elaborate interior strikes. The whole inside view is very dynamic, sculptural, ad full of movement. It looks like the lines are going to start moving just right now. All four seats have very specific and beautiful stitch lines which are also very different from what we are used to see. The creators emphasize that the striking difference of their vehicle is to make sure that not only the driver is secured and comfortable but also take care of the rest of the passengers. That’s why so much attention is dedicated to coziness of the rear row of the seats including air-conditioning system, TV-screens, and additional safety harness. T-shaped wheel is covered with shining polished aluminum and ivory-white combined with concrete-grey leather. All the details inside are very much like a sculpture – everything is so shiny, glassy and polished which make an impression of some jewelry salon.
2016 buick interior

Reimagined Exterior

The aerodynamics of the new 2016 Buick Avenir is shockingly impressive. Striking proportions adds to the whole elegance of the flagship and allows to accelerate being safely pressed to the ground. The developers had created a great whole-LED lightning system. The large and broad front grill is marked with company emblem as usual. The whole glass used in this car is scratch and shatter proof. 22 inch wheels were cut from the solid aluminum creating the signature of luxury and easily catching your eye.
2016 buick exterior

Performance Eager to Fly

When it touches the performance details the company is not very much open about it. The least we know that the new Buick 2016 Avenir will com out with the V-6 3.6 liter turbocharged engine. Craving to compete its rivals this flagship must produce the capacity of more than 400 horsepower. The concept car is equipped with nine-level automatic transmission, auto Stop-and-Start System, and cylinder deactivation. All-wheel drive is said to be used here. Fast drive, spotless performance, and quiet are three ingredients that make Buick its name and inspire the driver. The company craves to create a sense of security and well-being for those who are inside of the car.

10 Photos of the Buick Avenir Moves from Concept to Stunning Reality

2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir2016 Buick Avenir

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2 Responses

  1. Cofie Climbing says:

    I’m curiously impressed by 2016 Avenir, new Buick much outstriped it’s predecessors. And they doesn’t stoped on better outside and inside design, they’ve improved technical characteristics! Just want to say – well done!

  2. Barbour Klettern says:

    Not so impressed as that guy but car is really nice. It’s noticeably they’ve made a lot of works on it and we see the result. The result is absolutely pretty Buick Avenir 2016 that I’d like to buy!

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