Buick Concept Cars 2016: Success, Luxury, and Power

It seems like one of the American companies with a rich success history isn’t going to leave the scene at least in the following year. Its name is Buick and it produces luxury and high-level class automobiles which are popular in the whole world. The 2016 year is supposed to be very productive, judging on the amount of information about Buick concept cars 2016 available in the net. So, let’s consider the most vivid of them.

Buick Riviera 2016

Riviera is a legendary and attractive automobile that will become competitive again due to a whole set of futuristic redesign features (and very narrow headlights are one of them). The concept has been existed for 2 years already. However, we have a few data in our disposal, including only predictions of the car’s engine variants (perhaps, it will be a V8 engine and a hybrid V6 paired with electric motor). We’ve got some hints that inside the cabin everything will be made of only 3 materials – leather, ebony, and aluminum. It may also become one of the most expensive vehicles in the market with the pricing policy still unknown at the moment.

Buick Lacrosse 2016

Buick Lacrosse 2016

A Lacrosse model also belongs to Buick concept cars 2016. The productivity of this car will be enhanced while the whole image is going to be significantly modernized, according to the market demands. Design of a new Lacrosse will be sleeker and slender that sufficiently improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics rates. A massive and aggressively-looking grille will be placed on a rather short and compact hood build on the basis of a famous Epsolon platform. The most likely, it will have a 3.6L V6 engine with 300 hp. Though, it’s not for sure now. The price will start from the $35,000 point.

Buick Avenir 2016

Buick Avenir 2016

One more automobile with a melodious French name “Avenir” is also waiting for its triumph. It will be a large sedan featuring a fabulous sporty and luxury styling and a plenty of personal space (thanks to the entire separation of both front and rear seats). Prolonged LED lights and large 21/22-inch wheels will contribute significantly to its magnificent exterior design. It’s also worth mentioning that no plastic at all will be used for its production. More than 400 horsepower will be transmitted to the rear wheels from a brand-new V6 engine via a 9-speed automatic gearbox. All these will cost no less than $60,000.

Each and every of these Buick concept cars 2016 is expected to hit the market in different periods of time in the following year. So, we can only wait to see the actual refinements applied to the currently existing models.

13 Photos of the Buick Concept Cars 2016: Success, Luxury, and Power

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