2016 Buick Coupe Cascada: Hit the Stars

All-new convertible – 2016 Buick coupe with already elegant name Cascada was just released to the automobile market. North American Car Show in Detroit was the podium place for presenting this state-of-the-techno-art product. Of course the flagship has not reached the car salons yet – it has not reached even the showrooms, – but the company promises to cope with high demand till the end of the 2016 year.

Outer Design

Designers worked hard and their fruitful efforts must delight the customers’ tastes and demands. The only fact that Buick added convertible model to its lineup again after 25 years is encouraging and spirit-lifting fact.

Wheel disks resembling flower petals – another slender feature of this outstanding vehicle. 20-inch wheels are very attractive with this model. Particular attention should be paid to the moving cabriolet roof – it is made of fabric which goes with car’s appearance much better than a retractable hardtop. Power roof can be lowered down in 17 seconds while the vehicle is moving with speed up to 30 mph. steering wheel and all seats are heated providing more coziness and delight from driving both for the driver and his passengers.
buick cascada 2016 outer design

Inner Design

A very comfortable thing used here is also a trunk which roominess capacity can be added by electronically folding the rear seat row. Thus, this car provides bigger cargo space than most of the popular convertibles do.

The whole salon is stuffed with up-to-date techniques and electronics. There is 4G Wi-Fi system connectivity available. Siri Eyes Free Technology allows texting and making calls by voice, so that nothing can distract a driver from its main mission – attentive driving. There is also a rear-view camera, superficially cool navigation system, and sensors allowing safe rear parking. Buick Intellilink works with sleek 7-inch diagonal touch screen for multinomial operations possible.
2016 buick cascada inner design

General Performance

Brand new 2016 Buick coupe named Cascada is based on the GM Delta platform used for manufacturing also Opel coupes. The vehicle goes with 6-level automatic and both mechanical transmission box. 1,6 liter turbocharged engine is capable of approximately 220 lb-ft torque and over 240 horsepower. Front-wheel driving system is used here.

Price Specifications

The company has not announced price for its 2016 Buick Coupe Cascada, but speculations say it is going to start with $35,000 and go over this sum. The car goes on sale in the beginning of 2016.

11 Photos of the 2016 Buick Coupe Cascada: Hit the Stars

2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 Buick Coupe Cascada2016 buick cascada side view

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