Changes of New Audi S6 2017

“Charged” sports sedan Audi S6 business class was able to combine successfully the two things: a spacious and comfortable interior business class, as well as sports technical stuffing. Of course, to make such a trying and trying many automakers, but the Audi is that it turns out better than anyone. And the Germans do not stand still, and in early September want to announce the appearance of restyled version Audi S6 2016.

New 2017 Audi S6 – what new

Interior of Audi S6 2017 has the same design concept as the base sedan the A6, but in the decoration are used more expensive materials, used different colors, and instead of the standard sports seats are installed. In addition, the equipping of Audi S6 saloon is much richer that just to make its contribution to formation of the final price of a sedan.

Audi S6 2017 front

As for the dynamic characteristics of the Audi A6, everything is determined by the type of power plant, drive and gearbox. Sedan with the base petrol engine 1.8 TFSI with acceleration behaves very restrained (certainly in comparison with other modifications), acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds. This figure does not go to any comparison with the same dynamics of hurricane Audi A6 3.0 TFSI quattro, which transfer “hundred” for 5.1 seconds; it’s almost for 3 seconds faster.

Audi S6 2017 back

2017 Audi S6 is not alone

Audi S6 built by the base sedan Audi A6, but differs from it in a more dynamic appearance with sporty design elements and, of course, relevant label on the grille. The current restyling, made on the A6 sedan scheme, has added the exterior Audi S6 a little more aerodynamic and sport, bringing the exterior almost to perfection. In addition, the bodywork has increased the amount of aluminum, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle. Audi S6 length is 4931 mm, wheelbase is 2916 mm, the width falls within 1874 mm and the height is limited to 1440 kg mark. A road gleam (clearance) from the S6 sedan is 130 mm. Curb weight before the restyling sedan – 1970 kg.

Presentation, dates and prices

Despite the fact that the official presentation of the new items will be held in October, the Russian office of Audi in mid-September hastened to announce the receipt of orders, while voicing the price tag on the updated model. Audi A6 basic version will cost 1810 thousand rubles, which is for 40 thousand more than the price before the restyled version. The rise in price, as we see, is not so significant, and also quite predictable, given the number of modifications made. Novelty sales will begin immediately after the Forum in Paris. Lovers and connoisseurs of this car are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the sedan, they are sure that the manufacturer will not disappoint them.

Audi S6 2017 inside

2017 Audi S6 changes

Before restyling under the hood of a sports sedan Audi S6 located an 8-cylinder V-shaped 4.0-liter engine with direct injection system off half of the cylinders, and a twin-turbo, developing 420 hp power and 550 Nm of torque. The petrol engine is now modernized and its capacity increased to 450 hp mark, allowing you to dial the first 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds instead of the previous 4.6 seconds.

Sport sedan Audi S6 has fairly rich equipment: 19-inch alloy wheels, pressure sensor in tires, cruise control, 6 airbags and on-board computer with a 7-inch color display, exchange rate stability system the ESC, system recovery of braking energy, front and rear parking sensors. Side mirrors with memory settings, thermal insulating glazing and Xenon optics with automatic adjustment, headlight washers, rain and light sensors, LED taillights, 4-zone climate control and sound system with 6-channel amplifier and subwoofer.

8 Photos of the Changes of New Audi S6 2017

Audi S6 2017 dashAudi S6 2017 frontAudi S6 2017 backAudi S6 2017 insideAudi S6 2017 frontAudi S6 2017 sideAudi S6 2017 frontAudi S6 2017 front

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