Representing New Chrysler Concept Minivan 2016

Minivans are usually boring and have only one aim – practicality. Manufacturer of Chrysler concept cars 2016 crested the absolutely fresh and modern minivan 700c. It has unique appearance and at the same time it is really practical. On the Detroit Show where this automobile was firstly represented people were surprised by the interesting design of the model. And with this purpose the car was showed to public. It has no engine, it is just a model of the car, it is a concept. Designers wanted to know what people think about it.Chrysler Concept Cars 2016 front

Exterior Description

Chrysler 700c has European appearance. There it is possible to find some elements of French style. Therefore, the minivan completely differs from other Chrysler concept cars 2016. 700c model is more attractive, because designers of it make a departure from conservatism. It has a black colored hood and light grey metallic car body. This bold decision of designers is intended to create memorable car model. Moreover, this element gives the car compact and elegant view. Daytime running lights are very narrow and look like squint of savage animal. In the combination with small and thin grille it makes an impression of confident and aggressive car.Side windows have unusual form. They remind two graceful leafs. And waves of car body lines repeat elegant framing of windows. In addition to the composition of side windows and body lines there are door handles of unordinary shape. Two handles on one side run into one another in streamlined form. Tail lights also have extraordinary shape. They remind the form of bird’s wing and echo the car body lines. Chrome strips along bottom of doors, air vents and side windows framing add to the appearance of the minivan more precise and luxury view. The one of four doors is sliding. It allows passengers to go in and out without collisions.Chrysler Concept Cars 2016 back

Interior Description

As for inside of New Chrysler Concept Minivan 2016 designers tried to make it in modern and convenient way. And they have succeeded. A color scheme of two warm shades makes an interior design very attractive. All elements are made with the aim of convenience. Dashboard and central console are located at hand. The central console is high and has unusual form. It is made in such a way to make the driving more enjoyable and comfortable. The cabin is really spacious that is really good for minivans. Thought outside the car looks compact. And this car is concept, what will be in the real new 700 model is unknown yet.Chrysler Concept Cars 2016 interior

1 Photos of the Representing New Chrysler Concept Minivan 2016

Chrysler Convertible 2016 interior

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