Presenting 2016 Chrysler 300S

General Motors – an automobile house – claims the release of the all new 2016 Chrysler 300S model. Since the starting point 300 years ago this company hits the stars to create a vehicle that can fulfill all the needs and requirements of every driver: comfort, speed, and safety.


Interior & Exterior Details

The third generation of this model seems to strike the gold. Back then the 300th model has got its name ‘businessman’s muscle car’. Through the years this model was offering the roomy and luxury-looking interior followed by decent performance and speed. Still this sedan is big and comfortable enough as to the company of your coworkers accompanied with your boss, as it is to the bunch of your kids accompanied with your wife. In comparison with the models of the two previous years, this year’s release has not undergone huge change, though some improvements have been made and they are vividly great. New 2016 Chrysler 300S model is equipped with fresh and very sporty-looking set of wheels. The taillights were enlarged and slightly prolonged giving this sedan an aggressive and playful look. Wide front radiator grill resembles the mouth of a shark – hungry, evil, and killer-like.
2016 Chrysler 300S Interior

Engine Specs

The all new 2016 Chrysler 300S is powered by the same V8 5.7 liter engine called Hemi with capacity over 360 horsepower and almost 490 lb of torque. This year’s model though will have 8-speed transmission which will reduce fuel partake and increase total performance. Regular 5-speed gearbox is covering this type of transmission. In Sport Mode the speed of changing between each gear is less than 25 milliseconds, thus, improving acceleration for smoother but still aggressive driving. In general new engine will be more fuel-friendly and speedier at the same time.
Extremely entertaining driving experience is provided by the fresh Sport Mode. The changing between gears, quick throttle reaction, and stiff suspension all together allow you to feel yourself the king of the road.
2016 Chrysler 300S Rear

Date of Release and Price Specs

Rumors have been all about that the all new 2016 Chrysler 300S will step its tire on the automobile market not sooner than spring 2016. it is hard to tell the exact price as it will vary in accordance with the equipment base. But we can speculate that the starting bet will be $39,000 and up. If you desire the model with open stunning panoramic view roof, you will need to pay something like $45,000.

10 Photos of the Presenting 2016 Chrysler 300S

2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S2016 Chrysler 300S

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