Starts Selling the All New 2016 Chrysler 200 SRT

Chrysler is the automobile company known all over the world as one of the most outstanding manufacturer of classy and powerful vehicles. All new 2016 Chrysler 200 SRT is promised to adopt killer look along with fantastic performance and full-value comfort features. Rumors say that the second edition of the well-known model will be made for middle class buyers making this model more popular with common people.

Redesigned Exterior

Nothing will greatly change in the outer appearance of this vehicle in comparison with the models of the previous years. The exterior remains utterly classy – stylish, slender, and elegant. Though, the designers have changed some features of view as grill, headlights, and rear look. The renovated grill form looks like a shark’s mouth – aggressive, hungry, and slightly ajar. New headlights have not undergone much change. Some LED lamps were added and the shape became more sneer-like. The rear view features have adopted shorter and more compact form. Great aerodynamics is achieved with the help of futuristic side lines and some unrevealed till now extremely powerful technologies.
2016 Chrysler 200 SRT Interior

Enhanced Interior

The inner space of the new 2016 Chrysler 200 SRT is filled with up-to-date technological item, ideas, and innovations. Everything is fitted to impress and satisfy the driver and his passengers. All the seats in this car are heated. Upholstery used for its production is high-quality and long-durability. You will not find here any wooden trim, only leather, shiny metal and metal-plastic materials. Renovated dashboard has LED lightning with elegant fringe decoration. The safety system was also enhanced and brought to perfection. It cares of all the passengers of the vehicle protecting them with front and side airbags, driving stabilizing systems. Rear view camera is also a must-have for such a car. Back-parking technology helps the driver to park at ease even in harsh conditions.
2016 Chrysler 200 SRT Back

Engine & Performance

Rumors presuppose that the all new 2016 Chrysler 200 SRT will be available on the automobile market with the V6 and 2.4 liter motor. This is said only about the standard equipment. Of course, some enhanced releases will have more powerful engine units. The vehicle will produce 190 horsepower and will be capable of 170 lb of torque. All editions will acquire 9 steps of speed automatic transmission. Stability system and blind spot monitor is also very helpful on the road and multiplies your chances for quiet and safe driving.

10 Photos of the Starts Selling the All New 2016 Chrysler 200 SRT

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