Coming 2016 Nissan Silvia is just what you need

This model, 2016 Nissan Silvia, will be probably introduced to public in the nearest future. To tell the truth, this car is less known by the individuals at the moment. There are some hints about its presenting by the company at Tokyo Auto Show. This car, not being an extraordinarily remarkable one, thus has a really appealing look and design. So the fans are waiting for the entry impatiently.
2016 nissan silvia


There are too much gossips about the car’s look. So we can just get faint answers concerning the hypotheses and gossipy tidbits for its landing. Moreover an accompanying of appealing bodywork and eye-discovering outline is expected. It goes without saying that we may expect the organization to convey the needed and expected quality of the car in order to create and give birth to forceful and enticing style.

What is inside?

2016 nissan silvia
At the moment it must be said that likewise we haven’t any official declaration yet to tell. But yet there are a few accessible issues. They say that the company will make it able to carry five persons and to be accessible with high solace lodge in order to give more space inside for the passengers. It also should be told that the car turns out to deal with expected and standard things such as Bluetooth, route and so on. Nissan is also going to put in life their idea of the lodge for this new form. But they will keep the first look anyway.

What about the motor?

If we talk about the motor of the 2016 Nissan Silvia, it will probably be utilized to finish the model with 2.0 liter as the relocation. The good thing is that this model will probably impart some gimmicks and components to the motor of Nissan Juke. So likewise Silvia will utilize Juke’s turbo inline-four 1.6 liter motor. Why is it a good idea? The fact is, such a motor can create the yield near 200 bhp and even 217 lb-ft of torque. It all sounds as a rather strong proposal that the company will as a variant help it with front motor. We also shouldn’t forget about about the back wheel drive that is from Renault or Nissan cooperation to fit 2.0 liter motor.

Release Date

2016 nissan silvia
So, the fans are waiting for the 2016 Nissan Silvia, the casuals are thinking, the buyers are preparing their money. And anyone wants to know the date of release. But the company keeps absolute silence and they even don’t call the sticker. But we can just guess that the price will be about $20.000. So we are waiting for coming Nissan Silvia and keep following the news of the company in order not to miss something important.

3 Photos of the Coming 2016 Nissan Silvia is just what you need

2016 nissan silvia2016 nissan silvia2016 nissan silvia

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