Escalade EXT is a 2016 Cadillac Truck

A plenty of amazing design features and powertrain specifications characterize a new 2016 Cadillac truck. The name of a 4-door car for 5 passengers is Escalade EXT. It is good news from the company that has been kept silence for a couple of years. This series is said to be revived, redesigned and improved to meet the customers’ requests and increase the sales. We may not see some drastic changes, though the modifications are to be easily visible.

Exterior and Interior

New LED headlamps, large and more durable wheels, and finer grille with large air intakes give the model a great masculine and aggressive look along with sharper lines. Perhaps, the makers have used the same strong and powerful platform, so the dimensions remain the also the same (116 x 80.5 x 74.4 inches).

Black and brown top-quality leather is mixed in the interior trim. The luxuries leather seats for 5 passengers occupy the cabin. There is enough room for legs on the back seats. Escalade EXT is equipped with all-new hi-tech gadgets of the infotainment system (a very accurate and reliable navigation, a 12-inch touchscreen, cruise control, and a powerful stereo system).

2016 Cadillac Truck Interior

Passengers’ safety is guaranteed in the new 2016 Cadillac truck with the help of a refined airbag system, automatic brake system for accident avoidance, antitheft system and much more.


At the present moment, none of the official information towards the engine specifications is available for us. However, experts make some suggestions about the only two possible engine options for Escalade EXT. One of them is expected to give approximately 332 horsepower and be a V8 6.0L hybrid engine. The second variant may be a V8 6.2L gasoline engine with 409 horsepower. The transmission is still unknown.

It’s difficult to speak about fuel economy with such a powerful vehicle being a full-size pickup, but the carmaker did its best to make it 14 miles per gallon along the city and 18 mph on the highway. The economy for a hybrid is even better.

2016 Cadillac Truck Rear View

Price and Date

The last two things that are uncertain now are the pricing policy and the date of 2016 Cadillac truck release. It’s not expected to be very cheap with $73,000-77,000. That is more expensive that the current model but every detail of this car does cost it. The world may see the automobile this year or at the very beginning of the following one. It competes with Infinity QX80 and Lexus LX570.

10 Photos of the Escalade EXT is a 2016 Cadillac Truck

2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck2016 Cadillac Truck Front View2016 Cadillac Truck Interior2016 Cadillac Truck Rear View

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  1. October 27, 2015

    Who can refuse to Cadillac? I think no one, I for example, certainly not. In particular, from this chic SUV. This Cadillac Escalade is an example of good taste and quality.

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