Executive sedan 2016 Audi A8

Executive sedan 2016 Audi A8 “pushed” favorites, representatives of the premium – “seven” from the BMW and “ESG” from Mercedes. The original character of Ingolstadt “eight” is recognized by the individual design of the body geometry. The technical part of the vehicle not less demonstratively washes well-established patterns.

2016 Audi A8

The three-liter V-shaped six-cylinder TFSI gasoline engine is equipped with mechanical charging module. Branded direct injection system optimizes the air-fuel vapor saturation process, trying to keep some appetite nearly two-ton vehicle. Gasoline consumption is fantastic – the manufacturer says about 8 liters per “hundred” in mixed mode, consumers are also talking about 10-11 liters / 100 km.
Sport silhouette of the new model 2016 Audi A8 does not create the impression of frills or pretense: clear lines of the bumper, air intakes and rapids attract attention. Rim details painted in matte gray color of various shades and harmoniously underlined by aluminum inserts. Housings of exterior mirrors are finished in aluminum. Black grille with a honeycomb structure, a diffuser with aluminum trim and four nozzle exhaust pipes are built into the rear bumper. The secret of the exceptional torsional stiffness, safety and light weight body lies in a thoughtful conjunction of materials.

2016 Audi A8

Interior of 2016 Audi A8

The latter will include Flint Grey and Cedar Brown upholstery or red-and-black leather. The hardware of the whole infotainment and safety systems will get updates and upgrades. Experts call Audi A8 2016 “one of the safest cars in a sedan market niche”. One will be able to find some new driver assistance features for the blind spots and additional collisions avoiding, a night vision system, a whole set of airbags, and anti-lock brakes etc. Five people can comfortably accommodate in the new Audi A8 since it is very spacious. Horizontal lines on the dashboard with a broad band of baffles do not overload it, leaving more free space. The interior of the new Audi A8 contains Virtual cockpit instrument panel, which will provide information to the driver in the traditional scales or in electronic form spectacular and also a lot of another electronic car devices.

2016 Audi A8

2016 Audi A8 Technical Charachteristics

The acceleration of Audi A8 to “hundreds” with 310 hp and 440 Nm of torque is carried out not as fast as we would like – 5.7 seconds. Four-liter V-shaped eight-cylinder TFSI is a leader in the representation of the group of units. List of equipment for this segment is quite normal:
twin-turbocharged; valve control system – Valvelift System; cylinders off assistant – Cylinder on Demand. Technical parameters of the unit are impressive: stunning rod 600 Nm available from 1500 to 5000 rev / min; control time to overcome the first “hundred»: 4,5 seconds for the A8 and 4.6 seconds for A8 L; power of 435 hp is implemented at engine speeds above 5100 r / min. Additional systems save a little the motor appetite of 4,0 TFSI. Officially declared in the technical specifications on this modification of Audi A8, gasoline consumption is a little more than 9 liters per “hundred” in an alternating mode. However, most of the usual drivers of dynamic style of movement can easily be deduced from the description of the shade – 13-14 l / 100 km.

2016 Audi A8

The sedan of eighth series from Audi is fully compliant with the premium segment. Sports and at the same time, low-key style is supported by exemplary performance characteristics. Elongated consumer is available, regular and casual version. Basic line consists of 4 units of motors 3,0 and 4,0 TFSI, 3,0 and 4,2 TDI. For the execution of Long, exclusive power 6,3 FSI is available, and S8 sports car is equipped with the forced 4,0 TFSI.

10 Photos of the Executive sedan 2016 Audi A8

2016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A82016 Audi A8

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