Fiat Panda 2016 – A New Word of Comfort and Quality

Fiat, the well-known Italian automaker, is about to release a new generation of its renowned Panda model. There have been sold almost 11 million of cars in the whole world since the time of its initial appearance in 1980. It is a super productive and compact 5-door city car that keeps its population on the highest rates due to its dynamics and mobility.

Fiat Panda 2016 Front

Technical Characteristics

There will be two more engine variants for Fiat Panda 2016 compared to the usual set existing for this model. One of them – a 0.9L V2 TwinAir engine – will be able to show about 90 horsepower and approximately 100 lb-ft of torque. One more option is a 1.3 V4 MutliJet gasoline performing 70 hp and 75 lb-ft of torque. Both of them are fuel- and eco-friendly. The power will be transmitted via a 6-speed manual gearcase with a top-speed point limited by 110 mph. The driving system will be of the 4-wheels configuration.

Fiat Panda 2016 Interior

Design Changes

The model’s interior design will be revised by company’s experts and changed greatly; however, its astonishing general look will remain recognizable almost in every feature. Its renewed fog lamps are expected to show off significantly and be incorporated into the upgraded front bumper with special multiple holes. At the rear side one may find two chromed exhaust pipes. The car will run on the 5-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels.

The upcoming Fiat Panda 2016 will have in its arsenal various technical features to make one’s driving experience super comport and pleasant. It will be equipped with an automatic climate control, an advanced and powerful audio system with controlling buttons located on the steering wheel (adjustable to a driver’s height, by the way), a central locking option and much more. The seats for 4 people accommodation will be upholstered with a high-quality natural fabric and leather sheds matching the dashboard by color. As for the color scheme, there will be a mixture of black and copper elements.

Fiat Panda 2016 Rear

Release and Price

Nowadays, we may only guess and speculate about Fiat Panda 2016 release date as it hasn’t been announced officially by the company’s representatives. Presumably, this long-awaited event will take place somewhere at the beginning of the following year (or at the end of the current one). Though, it’s not the confirmed information. As well as the vehicle’s price that is expected to be much higher than the current version’s ($26 thousand).

11 Photos of the Fiat Panda 2016 – A New Word of Comfort and Quality

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