Futuristic Design of 2016 Nissan Cube

Nissan’s fresh hatchback called after a mathematic figure – Cube – has undergone sufficient redesign eventually obtaining lots of improvements. The result will astonish and satisfy critics whose reaction on the previous version was not very positive. The innovations have touched mileage – it has been raised, security system, and some outer view modifications.

Outstanding Appearance: In and Out

Being quite a compact vehicle, 2016 Nissan Cube does not lack the inner space. The rear row is designed for three people capacity. Seats can take various positions. The baggage compartment is also quite roomy – with capacity up to 60 cubic feet. The upholstery is said to be waterproof adopting the technology known as Neither Vision gauges.

The outer lines deserve a separate review. The model of the 2013 year was very popular on the American automobile market, so guess is correct that the new one will delight the customers.

Design perfectly matches with its mathematic name – it is a real box on the wheels. Extraordinary front doors with small oval windows are accompanied with the big back windows. These full-glass windows provide such an airy atmosphere from the inside and make it possible to enjoy the outside scene. Lines are rectangular but still soft.

The lightning system and rear bumper also have quite an unusual shape and positioning. 2016 Nissan Cube was manufactured to open along the vertical axle – to the side of the curb, making luggage loading easier in the crowded city streets.
Nissan 2016 Cube Appearance

Productivity: Engine and Power train

Taking into account its forms we can not speak about some incredible speed performance in Nissan Cube. The hatchback features 1.5 liter diesel motor or 1.6 liter gasoline motor. The other sources state that it will come with 1.8 liter motor. Still its four-cylinder engine is capable of about 120 horsepower and torque of about 125 lb-ft. It is available in two variants of transmission types – manual (six speed) and CVT. Thus, engine performance is not very high but still good for a car of this class.

The aerodynamics was also improved by softening and rounding the lines. Of course Cube is able to provide rather safe and comfortable riding than sporty and aggressive.
Nissan Cube 2016 Appearance

Release Specs

The release of 2016 Nissan Cube is promised for the end of the 2016 year. Presumably it will take place in Japan. Be ready to meet a car with quite a futuristic design, impressive capacity, and very practical details.

11 Photos of the Futuristic Design of 2016 Nissan Cube

Nissan 2016 Cube AppearanceNissan Cube 2016

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2 Responses

  1. Yaller Tzin says:

    I am glad that they still have improved the design, but somehow I cannot get used to such appearance of the car. While all other indicators of new Cube are acceptable and proving their cost.

  2. Lakeisha Young says:

    This cube on wheels both draws by something and repellents by something. Nevertheless I would like add something to it. In general it can be said that Nissan Cube is a matter of taste although its price justifies it.

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